SciShow Quiz Show with Phil Plait

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Hank squares off against Crash Course Astronomy host Phil Plait in our special Valentine’s/Old Timey Medicine edition of SciShow Quiz Show!

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Muhaimin Zulkarnain says:

He should've said, "The show where the points are made up, but the science do matter."

Robert Steffler says:

Okay I can't be the only one who thought Phil's joke about Amygdala being the princess from Star Wars was funny as hell.

Eric Lin Hsu says:

Can I have Michael Aranda's hair?

Naomi L says:

These nerds. I love em.

John Brown says:

Phil is a intellectually dishonest person. Despite of his 'knowledge' of astronomy he continues to champion the cause of the anti-UFO skeptics by stating that no astronomer, professional or amateur, has ever witnessed a UFO. This is blatantly false and by doing a little research you too will realize it was a false statement. Ask yourself ,why does Phil Plait continue to lie? What kind of political agenda or ulterior motive can propel one to lie while simultaneously professing an ethic of scientific honesty?  The word hypocrite comes to mind as well as government stooge!

ST.Dayanul Alam says:

Mr. Plait just did a Superman pose!

RoonMian says:

"Grippe" is also the German word for influenza.

PhilaPeter says:

Channeling SNL's Sean Connery for my personal quiz vendetta against Foxley.

blm8666 says:

Great show! keep it up. I would suggest improving the pace by adding some music or audio cues! otherwise awesome job!

Dávid Kertész says:

Best commercial brake i've ever seen.

Infratic mc says:

Am I  the only 12 year old here that got the malaria right (without a random guess)

Harry Balzak says:

I thought stromboli was a delicious Italian food. I was sure it was the easy BS answer… Dammit

Crystal Murray-Weston says:

Hypothalamus, I was right 😀 thank you AP Biology last year!! ^_^

TheFrosty1994 says:

"This is science, not math"

sKebess says:

Shiiiieeet, that nose.

Perbhat Kumar says:

Hank always loses smh

BoxySama says:

pairup with Vat19,Boxy is shure they can fill the "break"

Rachel Hydrogen says:

I ship MichaelxHank. MiHank, or Hankael?

LarlemMagic says:

You win…
The stuff we were going to throw away.

CJ Burkey says:

Lol "points are made up", reference to Whose line is it anyway 😛

Dominic Donahue says:

By the way, Kilauea is pronounced Kill-o-aya.
Or, at least that's how I've always pronounced it.

Rhyskit says:

I'm surprised nobody's commented on Hank's blue and black (or is it white and gold?) shirt.

Nathan Hoyle says:

Holy cow! The prizes have become awesome!

Matt L says:

Well, I would've gotten the first question right. But not because I knew the answer. Rather, some part of my brain was like, "you know what would be really awesome right now? A stromboli." And then it conjured up a picture of a calzone.

Brain, you are just plain weird sometimes.

ReadHeadPat says:

ahhh I love it when I know the answers to one of these! I always feel so smart!!! 😀

Noah Jones says:

Hank should check out Crash Course. I'm sure one of its hosts covered neuroanatomy.

Arianna Luncford says:

That was fun to watch, thank you 🙂

Sue De Nym says:

Stethoscope: to look at & breasts.

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