Seeing Beyond – The James Webb Space Telescope

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The Webb Space Telescope is NASA’s next great orbiting observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope’s successor. This video, narrated by “Deep Astronomy” host Tony Darnell, draws the line between the two telescopes, explaining how Webb will build upon and continue Hubble’s work exploring the universe.


Shivam Dhodi says:

One more year can't wait anymore so excited….

Wolf Edmunds says:

One more year.

Talay Erol says:

next year is the big date:)

blocksterz says:

less than a year

Vishal Parikh says:

Who is waiting for webb to be launched.?? I'm so excited!! 😮

manu vinu says:

i know there is life out there , i saw dinosur running in the sky yesterday

ZAAAP1313 says:

Finally it's 2017, so only 1 year is left!!

what you mean says:

How does the JWST differ from infrared generated as infrared and visible light that due to the universe expansion thing is now infrared?

Kuckoo says:

Just over a year to go now.

Man, I am so stoked and nervous for the launch. This is just too important!

Redz Ch says:

Breaking News Rocket carrying the James Webb Telescopic fails on Launch blowing up the Instrument dubbed the most expensive Science Instrument ever built

RPKVids says:

This is the universe looking at itself.

LiveLife 101 says:

If it crashes on arrival, i will shed a tear.

vasy1000 says:

Is web designed to discover other thing apart from stars and planets, ex black holes , a more detailed image of the background radiation at the edge of visible universe?

Jeremy Powers says:

being able to see stuff is great. but at what point do we realize it would be better to just build an actual ship. or start mining our solar system. time to pass the torch to the laborers and make humanity a solar species

Biggus Dickus says:

I really hope it helps discover earth like planets.

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