SOFIA’s Flight to the Stars: NASA’s Airborne Astronomy Program

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While the world’s space agencies extend humanity’s reach into space with science satellites of all kinds, generations of scientists have carried out cutting-edge research from high in the Earth’s atmosphere using balloons and extensively modified jet aircraft.

The most sophisticated of these latter observatories is the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), a 747 now in its second year of astronomical research. It’s program of discoveries is just beginning!

Join Tony Darnell, Alberto Conti, and Harley Thronson as they discuss with Bill Reach and Tom Roellig, both of NASA Ames Research Center, the challenges and excitement of astronomy with SOFIA.

These hangouts are in affiliation with the American Astronomical Society and the American Astronautical Society.

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Beoshamon says:

I love using Tony's videos in my Astronomy classes at school! It starts LOTS of conversations and helps me explain how research is verified or not with DATA! The more data we have, the better! I'm trying to get some high tech equipment for my classroom, if you are interested in helping a teacher reach more students and increase interest in science as a career, support my project:

Da Hooded Crow says:

You just gotta know that whenever there's echos it is Harley…

SquallAdv says:

As always awesome hangout Tony!, thanks a lot for your efforts and the invited guests willing to share their knowledge with the world.

Katrin says:

High Flying Drones

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