Taking Photos of The Orion Nebula & Other Astronomical Features

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Without spending thousands of dollars on a telescope you can take photos of astronomical targets using consumer photography hardware. It’s even possible to take pictures of the moon with a pair of binoculars and a cellphone camera.

Given a decent point and shoot camera with a 10x zoom, decent aperture and a manual exposure mode you can take images of the Orion Nebula with ease, I’ve previous used a Cannon Powershot.

The image processing software I use is available free from here, there are newer alternatives too.

This is the camera I show at the start, it’s not cheap, but it’s certainly not Pro Gear.

The Telescope mount I have is the Orion Skyview Pro

The actual telescope is no longer available from Orion, it’s a 100mm f/6 the nearest equivalents would be the 120mm f5 (bigger aperture)

Or their ED 80mm F/7.5 (lower chromatic aberration)


david duffy says:

Scott, I love your vids but…. your thick Russian accent is very difficult to understand

mrspidey80 says:

13:15 You don't need to track much when you film planets this way. Just let it wander over the screen and only readjust the telescope when the planet is about to dissapear.
Your post-processing software doesn't care where the planet is as long is it is there.

Doggo says:

FINALLY! A good tutorial for a project im interested in that uses stuff i already own!

Lupix says:

What telscope did you use to take these photos? +Scott Manley

Alyx BioHaz says:

Im actually going to try this tonight, i have been working on a project for cheap radio astronomy but i haven't really played around with visual light …

AceTankerPaul says:

How many pictures do you have to take without a tracking guided mount?

deathscreton says:

I just got interested in DSO imaging and didn't even realize you had a video on it Scott. Good stuff! I'll definitely be watching this alongside your other videos. Hope you make more of these!

alesizzz1 says:

Excellent – Thanks Scott

humlakullen says:

Thanks a bunch! Awesome tutorial:-)

Goalatio says:

I have an xt10 and have had a few others throughout the years. xt8 previously before military and a 114EQ before that.. currently saving up for a Nexstar 8SE because I want a tracking mount and the focal length of a SCT. Astronomy is awesome!

Erik Anderson says:

Is there any free software like registax for macs? Thanks.

S.C.I.E.N.C.E. S.O.U.P. says:

Haha I have an orion to!

Braden T says:

I'm buying a Nokia Lumia that has 42 megapixels

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