Test Stream LIVE Backyard Astronomy : Orion Nebula , Sirius and more! Olympus OM-D EM5

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Ok , so this was a test and is now complete and it really was a proof of concept – Using what I had available could I do a live astronomy stream – Yes!! Not perfect but it works.

The technical part:

Orion 10 inch GOTO Dobsonian
With an Olympus om-d e-m5 mark ii using Olympus capture software and OBS to stream.

First of all i need a proper mic. I was using the mic on my tablet and this was far from ideal, but live streaming in principal works.

Any suggestions on a web cam for future live streams – I had been looking at the ASI224mc

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Jeff Lucas says:

This is exactly how I see M42, thank you for sharing …

[BL] clan says:

The orion nebula looks little bit like Iris nebula

Dem' Polish Girlz says:

Are u Sirius?

Predator7 says:

That looks real ,Not those Hd animation by nasa

AstroFocus says:

I make astronomy videos! Nice video!

fredlau 19 says:

esque le mec est vraiment dans l'Espace en train de filmer

Tanis W. says:

Great stream, please more 😛

Jerk Jiggler says:

I was told there is an intelligent civilization on the third planet from the sun.

MMALANDS Allen says:

right ufo more like ufl- unidentified flying lights? could it have been a reflection or something from street lights? idk that was to far 4 street lights.hmm?? thanks 4 the night out under the stars😊..sorry it was freezing 4 u.

Clara Vitaluce says:

I can see Sirio, Canopus and Rigel from my house (I only know their names in spanish) and Sirio is the most beautiful always. Btw Venus (second planet of the solar sistem not sure their name in english) always seems so beautiful too, is amazing 💚💚💚💚

Edge Bob says:

I can only see white dots in black background.

Sunspot says:

Hi John! Nice job! Glad to see you got a scope from Orion, they have solid stuff at good prices. One suggestion for an accessory would be a good filter for rejecting light pollution, it makes a big difference with most emissiion nebula. Orion sells the right stuff.
As far as a new camera, I don't know what is best now. If you'd like you can contact my friend Don at http://www.eyepiecesetc.com/, he's very knowledgable about the current equipment. Tell him I sent you.
I hope you approve of my modding, at least most of the time, lol… I enjoy it…most of the time…you know how that goes…

Ricky Tomczyk says:

Keep up the great effort m8, once you get low light pollution and you start to know when and where to look, it don't take long to find yor way around;)

R.P. McMerphy says:

Hi, do you have FITS or already processed photos to share with us?

franco clivio says:

Non ti ho mai visto sul mio canale!

TheBagBalm says:

some people say there is an advanced civilization living near the orion nebula.

Joe Joe joejoe says:

Nice! What's your light pollution level?


Breathtaking. Thank you so much for posting!

Generic Name says:

When will you be streaming again?

Myster_Potato_ TV says:

Sirius, Orion Nebula are visible of my home!

Adexter23 says:

hello hello

Sofia Dueñez says:

que hermosa

Storm Aurora says:

Thanks for braving the cold! Absolutely superb 😃 Loved it, please do more soon and maybe add the planets x

MMALANDS Allen says:

flashes of light the blows apart . 1 light moving fast n 1 moving down. what is that. it happens really fast and 3 times ?

Aaron Carrier says:

Not any complaints, but some friendly suggestions from a photographer who can shoot video on his camera. If you can, increase the ISO, and you might be able to get a faster refresh rate. If not. Very well done, and I appreciate it.

เชาว์ เดอร์ says:


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