The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy

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The Hubble Deep Field, explained by the man who made it happen.

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Paul Benn says:

My Dad runs the telescope that took the previous deep field!! 😀

Yasir Rathore says:

per aspra, ad astra

Caio Atila says:

Amazing, thanks Hubble and Vox for this video!

Shalashaska 994 says:

Hubble looks into deep space.
Vox: Any signs of the patriarchy?

Mewteo says:

love vox's videos, hate their liberal agenda

tom danigga says:

SO if you put yourself in the right spot in the universe you could theoretically catch the photons of early Earth and witness the Earth's ancient history?

Alex P. says:

1:50 john lennon pointing at the screen

Felipe Forero says:

I can't believe that great videos like this one doesn't even have a million views, whereas crap videos made by a bunch of idiots have more than 10 million.

Ynse Schaap says:

It's an honor to live in such a beautiful universe !

DAVE says:

all vox videos should be played at 1.25 speed, trust me

michael weston says:

All Vox videos are the best. Beautifully presented and paced. Unlike all the other crap you see

Kartik singh says:

I am in love with you guys and your work. Thanks a ton 🙂 <3

superstringcheese says:

4:15 The idea of "intellectual property" applied to the entire universe is absurd and shameful. I'm glad we moved beyond such behavior.

WeAreZero says:

I have that picture as my background. When I feel sad or depressed I look at it and think that someone in those trillions of stars has to be feeling the same thing I am.

illuminati says:

The universe never fails to amaze me. I wish i could live long enough to watch it slowly age and see how far humans go, to know that i will die before i get to see a glimpse of this makes me sad.

Sean Cauffiel says:

Al Gore, you are a completely worthless sack of crap.

You inherited all your wealth and power. You are the worst of the 1%ers you purport to oppose.

You're worried about 2 billion wasted on scientific research, while your policy motives are to throw trillions in the garbage on wealth redistribution and false science.

Please, go back in time, before you were elected to Congress, and hurl yourself off a building. The US would be much better off if you had never been around.

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