The Design, Development and Delivery of the James Webb Space Telescope

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Scott P. Willoughby
Principal & Chairman of the Board
Vice President & James Webb Space Telescope Program Manager
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Mr. Willoughby will discuss how Northrop Grumman is proud to lead the industry team building NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, which will unleash a new dawn of discovery! This revolutionary observatory is designed to provide an unprecedented view of our solar system as well as other solar systems, looking back 13.5 billion years. This will allow us to see when the first stars were formed. The breakthrough technology developed for the Webb Telescope will expand our understanding of the universe, rewrite textbooks and inspire a future generation of engineers and scientists.


Kailem K says:

11:16 to 11:17 is the best part of the video. You guys should have that on replay.

Ben Z says:

How can I see the telescope in person or witness it's launch? I am a big JWST groupie and astronomy lover.

Fizzle Bizzle McDizzle says:

21:38 I like how he says "from LA to New Jersey" instead of to New York

TheLookingOne says:

What are the odds that JWST properly deploys ?

helcio pereira says:

If the telescope stops working as will be the maintenance of it

Pavanraj Raj says:

I'm happy

jwst says:

i'm more excited than 16 year old bieber fan

Livereater00 says:

will this telescope be able to find god?

Bill Dickson says:

It feels my heart with joy that we have such clever people.

HardTekBen says:

I literally can't wait for this dirty cocksucker to get out there and start beaming back images!

Cemi Cemal says:

Why did the light from the first galaxies didnt pass us till now ? I can't really understand this , how did our mater came so far away from the first light emissions ?

rrrayman says:

41,000 views for this video, half a billion views for a tramp singer video. Goes to show where society is headed….. No wonder aliens zip by earth and don't give us a second look!

Paul Kersey says:

Funny to see the director of the most advanced technology using neanderthal measurements like inches and feet.

seasch71 says:

Why the fuck use religious words like "epic of creation" if there is no god, ergo no creation?

sam buck says:

And you do a great job ripping off tax payers ….. Thanks for your war mongering instead of more space exploration .

sam buck says:

So we can't repair if anything goes wrong.

Orion Von Walker says:

I am so exited about this telescope.

ausel says:

The earth is flat, you motherfucking assclown….

Darius Duesentrieb says:

should be called james horner 😉

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