The James Webb Space Telescope is Less Than 2 Years Away!

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With the Hubble Space Telescope still going strong, astronomers around the world are growing increasingly excited about the prospect of it being joined late next year by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

Join Tony Darnell, Alberto Conti, and Harley Thronson as they discuss the latest news about this breakthrough facility with two senior NASA scientists working on Webb, Drs. Jonathan Gardner and Randy Kimble.

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Here are the links to some of the JWST YouTube Videos we showed during the discussion:

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Simone Lau says:

That JWST clock design in background behind Dr. Alberto Conti!

final fandy says:

.. there's no denying the logic behind the testing and re-testing though .. my heart sank when the Chinese rover died just as it began to roll on the Moon's surface.

beaconrider says:

It's been a couple of years away for quite some time now.

BEAR CAT says:

knowing it is possible, It seems to me we should have definite plans to refuel the web telescope and would be a terrific waist if we do not .

buckpasser55 says:

while I would expect that one of the 1st observations will be to Hubble deep field, I would think that ALSO one of the 1st observations will be to our NEAREST stars and galaxies ?  Both are eagerly awaited.

Mike G says:

In 2005 this replacement for Hubble was to be lifted into space in 2015; please, let's quit dicking around, get this telescope built and launched.

Inter dictor says:

I am so glad I found this channel, yet another great episode.

Thank-you for all the effort in making these hangouts!

Tony G says:

we need a 50 meter in a high orbit or at a lagrange point. get on it trump.

telemaq76 says:

i cant imagine the launch day…the rocket will be triple checked, i think i ll shake in front of my tv waching this

SeriousFox says:

Imagine any sort of failure of this mission.. oh boy :D:D:D:D

dbnx1701 says:

Hey I'm behind this new telescope but what about The Hubble Space Telescope?

Emmanuel Perez says:

Fuel? 10 years? mmmmmmm 🙁

MrTolits108 says:

will the telescope be able to see proxima b?

Invitingsauce says:

We learn new things every day nobody hears about. This new scope is going to change the way we understand the universe. My prediction is we are going to find out the universe is a lot older and a lot larger than we ever thought.

Camilo Pineda says:

Will it doe something like a deep field view? Look at something for an extended period of time?

Gallery 1874 says:

Can I ask a technical question. Won't the thin radiator sheets get holes poked through them by meteors?

CNVideos says:

… if Trump doesn't cancel it.

thebullylynch says:

Great hangout guys, I haven't been as excited for a launch or anticipated the findings of a mission in a long, long time. It's great to have something to look forward to these days!

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