The making of NASA’s most powerful space telescope

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After 20 years of contentious development, the main elements of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope are finally complete. Subscribe:

Now the spacecraft is just two years from its launch date, and there’s a lot left still to do before that happens. But if this telescope works, it will allow us to look deep into the Universe’s past, further back in time than we’ve ever seen before.

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Aman Rubey says:

we can even see early aliens

Steve l says:

gives me goosebumps just imagining what JWST will show us. Most exciting thing ever!!

Bouabdellah Selma says:

hahahahahaha dreamers

Mason Cusack says:

This lady is doing great work.

TeKaMOTO says:

Yet you could make over 100 of these telescopes for the price of the F35…

Toe Clipper says:

Cool chick to marry. Talk about space. Have sex, go back to talking about space

Toe Clipper says:

imagine if the shuttle blew up on take off. 8.8 billion down the toilet

Sebastian Gruszczynski says:

haha that last clip was cute

Ideon says:

wow, she's hot.

iamfrommars2000 says:

October 2018 cant come soon enough.

Zaid says:

So 8.8 billion dollars cost to build the telescope, if at some point the telescope requires maintenance Nasa won;t be able to fix it cause its too far in space. very smart

biscuitninja says:

" Tired Light " 😉

Greg Hn says:

What is the music in the background ? I like it so much !

Electro-Cute says:

Beryllium dust is poisonus far beyond extreme… true story :3.

LiveLife 101 says:

What if the results we find DISPROVE the big bang theory??? then what?

Nova X says:

This makes me so happy. THIS is what we should spend billions on not jets and bombs to kill people

Eddie CJ says:

Fantastic lesson on this incredible telescope!

fd11fd33fd99 says:

So the European Space agency is somewhat involved in this project? If that's the case, i think this telescope will just crash into Mars.

jasdeep garha says:

garde 9 sci

pyro 494 says:

It only costs 8.8 billion over the course of a couple decades? That's pretty cheap compared to fossil fuel subsidies and defense spending over the course of a single year.

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