The Rotten Egg Nebula (in M46) – Deep Sky Videos

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Discussing the open cluster Messier 46 and two associated objects – the planetary nebula NGC 2438 and the protoplanetary nebula known as either the Calabash Nebula or Rotten Egg Nebula.
Featuring Dr Meghan Gray.
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Video by Brady Haran


PortHolio408 says:

The rotten egg nebula looks like a supernova fizzle. It started off center, and blew apart before it could go competely nova?


pretty interesting story , and thats beautiful pictures

The Absolute Madman says:

Who do we petition to change scientific terminology? These need to be called space farts. The internet needs to make this happen.

The Absolute Madman says:

There's something about the word "stinky" coming out of a scientists mouth…

Tom Nally says:

If someone would tidy them up, then they wouldn't be so messy.

irealizenowihavenotalent says:

Duck's head nebula?

steven wells says:

beautiful c.g.i. pictures brainwashed people!! gravity is total nonsense

Chris Liffrig says:

How long does this proto-planetary nebula phase last? Does it noticeably/observably change over a short period? In other words, and in the interest of science, is it a lava lamp or are we watching paint dry?

Roy Miller says:

Millions of KM/hour. Given the scales involved would we see any observable change over a 6 month – several year timespan?

Mob Mentality says:

The Jeannie Nebula

Paul Girardin says:

It's obviously a Bussard ramjet for moving an entire planetary system

CommanderLake says:

Just watched every single video on this channel from old to new.

thisnicklldo says:

Great video – back up to standard. The 'collimated' lobular gas ejection – is that due to the magnetic field of the star? It looks like it must be. But perhaps it is only a trick of the photograph, and really the ejection is more spherically symmetrical? Though it doesn't look as though it can be.

Keith butler says:

6:30 looks incredutastic, jusr lovely, no words ! THANKS

Andrewsarcus says:

Show some of the view in Baade's Window

Leidan Wing says:

I just freaked out, my name is Daniel López, as the author's of one of the planetary nebula pictures. I Love this channel (and all of Brady's channels actually 🙂 ).

GamerForLife says:

Amazing, I love science over everything else.

Neuker nar Bohemia says:

I could listen to her for days..

Peter Rabitt says:

If there's a God, he sure needs to clean up his messier objects.

Nooran Ameeri says:

Wooh! first

icedragon769 says:

Hah, I know some of the people who took that picture 😛 The Mt. Lemmon Sky Center is one of my favorite places

Peter Timowreef says:

It covers the size of a full moon. Ok that sounds pretty impressive, but honestly, I have zero sense of perspective. Maybe someone can tell me how many full moons it would take to cover entire sky?

Julien Ferté says:

To the smelloscope!!

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