The Universe (Big Bang, Galaxies, Nebulas, Stars, Black Holes, Planets, Comets, Asteroids…)

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Volume 4 of the musical series Cosmos From The Sky created by David Jacopin aka Taho.
In this volume we cover the creation of the Universe from the Big Bang to the Galaxies, Nebulas, Stars, Black Holes, Planets, Comets, Asteroids and many other space objects.
Video: European Space Agency (ESA) and David Jacopin
Music: Taho


Francesca _14 says:

love the music and pic

Isolated 937 says:

The places this takes your mind.

Real Edit Line says:

i love this! theres no talking only music sound. I would love to put this as a big display and let it play all night whilr relaxing.

shaq b says:

really nice

arhlen itchon says:

Scientist are terrrorising our mind by this big bang thinking. This is God entertainment for creation

francine wilson says:

How beautiful, majestic, incredible, wondrous, and amazing our universe!! So much to discover in it's vastness!! Galaxies, nebulas, supernova's, other planets!! The universe is our oyster!!

Vitaliy Tsepilov says:

Who is the creator of the universe? An alternative vision of the universe. As the universe was created. Read online

The Future says:

Ground breaking theory in physics, the Grand relativity beyond Einstein relativity. The vital force(Fvr) of any object, plant, star, organism, atom, subatomic particles or any natural matter or particle can measured by using this formula Fvr = Ee Ur (Grand Relativity theory by Dr.Mohammed Faig Abad Alrazak).

Walter White says:

I can't wrap my mind around this.

oscar arrieta says:

you guys need to stop watching this kind of stuff you guys are not about that life go to bed people

Plutarco Farché says:

there is not hd from this?

This type of videos should be in hd ..

Winter Spencer says:

Any info on where i can find this music?

Winter Spencer says:

Where do i find this music?? Anyone have any info

Karthikeyan Chandrasekar says:

Song starting from 1:20??

Progmadz01 says:

I Like It! Cool Music Bro! Reminds me of Tangerine Dream.

J Cole says:

Great Music!Love the video

Austin Busby says:

This is retarded….if u wanted to watch a show about space and hear some info then dont waste ur time….all this video does is play some gay music and show some video but theres no commentary or interviews.

Anartik says:

Also I like the music and it fits really well

Anartik says:

This is extremely interesting

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