The Wonders of Space – Amazing Hubble instellar images – sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

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Images from Hubble, Spitzer,Herschel and Chandra Telescopes as well as from the ISS


Geometry Dash Alex says:

Amazing view of the creation of our Great Creator.

Muhib Deen Watan says:

wonderful !

Gravitega says:

Great space photos.

Allyn Dhynes says:

My go to when needing to put everything into perspective. May I ask where the piano music is from? Thank you for this resource.

Barry Sargent says:

I have been sitting here,  One in the morning and still as,  watching this video with a moonshine and a joint, I swear I have never seen anything so stunningly beautiful in my life.  To me,  it's so easy to see where we came from when you see this.  I alway's thought earth was so great ,  but she was born of this beauty ,  the most beautiful beginnings of life it's self.  How the hell could you be religious when you can see this from the great hubble telescope.  It makes me feel good when I know I will fuel this amazing place for a smigion of time when I die, thanks to the stars and the dust we are made of, come what may!.

Cityboy2977 says:

probably a 1 1/2 hour video if the duplicates were removed

Chris Reed says:

I don't see fit to give credit to man for just observing a universe they can't comprehend, a tiny little dot gave us all this because…?? Oh that's right they don't know. Why are we here…? That's right they don't know. Instead I'll give God the Glory and not creatures who are so smart they are hopeless and believe there's is no hope. But My God is mighty in power. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made.

nins says:

surreal…but breathtaking

roy h says:

this seems phony, to bad we cant get clear pictures of bank robbers like this. roy h

Bungy Booce says:

Just makes you think we are all a small speck of dust on the scheme of things yet we are made from the exact same stuff in stars god bless everyone

MrVeast. says:

what us humans miss out on

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