Top Ten Facts about the James Webb Space Telescope

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The James Webb Space Telescope will be the largest telescope ever sent into space. It is the result of efforts from NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency and will peer to the edges of the visible universe. This video highlights some of the Webb’s most impressive facts.

Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Sophia Roberts

Music: Expanding Time and Space by Daniel jay Nielsen

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qweby says:

I am going to be so nervous for the launch. An explosion would set us back really hard. Just to give you an idea of how important and expensive this thing is: the telescope itself is $8.7 billion while the cost of the rocket the telescope will be riding on, the Ariane 5, is only $200 million.

HASH says:

aaand they will find; "earth is flat" 🙂

Michael Mota says:


No more.

jedi1967 says:

Move over Hubble, here come Da Webb…

Flip Flops says:

Staying alive till the first images number one priority

Jonny Rodriguez says:

I Have been a fanboy of this telescope since it was first announced. Can't wait!

Shadows Collide with People says:

100 times the power of Hubble? What exactly does that mean? Is it in distance, swath, or acute magnification or all of the above?

Skulltruck08 says:

Parece que va a estar bueno o al menos así lo muestran.

LaOm33 says:

I cant wait for the images this baby will bring!

Tomas Jenkic says:

Can somebody with some knowledge perhaps explain to me, I read somewhere that the JW telescope has the ability to directly capture exoplanets. Does this mean we will actually see real images of other planets outside our solar system?

James C says:

Not to be a buzzkill but do they have a plan for servicing it in space——– just in case? Even Hubble had some unforeseen needs when it was first deployed.

Chris Amarello says:

That is HUGE! 😀 Exciting!!

Kream woo says:

….another failed multi million dollar Lockheed program, too heavy and too expensive to be trusted to be launched on space x rockets ; at this time…….

Dejan Šikman says:


Bill Dickson says:

Does each membrane has its own tensioning point?

Joe Bullock says:

2018, cant wait, but kinda doubt it will launch on time. these missions always take longer than projected…

Michael Zimmerman says:

All the best to the entirety of the team who are making this a reality. To all the guys and gals… We believe in you.

Mick McC says:

can't wait

DJ Alcoholic says:

can't wait till 2018 🙂

Ariyan Ahmed says:

kessler syndrome intensifies

NY Skywatch says:

Dear NASA: I pray that one day you guys and the govt. finally disclose all your information about the aliens in my lifetime. You hid it from the public during the Cold War to prevent panic but the Cold War is over and most people already believe the alien conspiracy is true so now is the time to tell the people. I understand why you had to hide the info about the UFOs/alien visitors that came to earth during WW2 but insiders have been spilling the beans for decades now and my generation at least will be able to handle the truth. Please do it in my lifetime, sooner than later. Thanks.

chubby bubby says:

will we see aliens tho,

myviewsareright says:

awesome awesome awesome

Weapon Valhalla says:

Wait this telescope is not gonna orbit the Earth like the hubble? I don't get the part when they say it will orbit the sun a million miles away?

Steve919 says:

simply WOW!

Alex Capi says:

Wow, what a master piece.

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