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A nebula may just be an interstellar cloud of dust and gas, but it is also one of the most spectacular sights to be seen through a telescope! Nebulae (pronounced: NEB-you-lee) pepper the galaxy with beautiful colors, shapes, and lights. Learn more about this celestial phenomena, including the four major types of nebulae and see images of some of the most famous and noteworthy nebulae on record in this peaceful and educational video.

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Yohohell pirate says:

hello my name is geek

Konor Levengood says:

Is it just me but Nebula's are really fascinating?

paoapapa lolopala says:

neh im a kid whay about the tarantula nebula

Cupcake Queen says:

this is awsome!

Cupcake Queen says:

I like your voice and the music

Cupcake Queen says:

Thanks freeschool!

Cupcake Queen says:

How long have freeschool been going on? Freeschool is a nice youtube channel!

Atharva Jadhav says:

That was very nice

Fransiscus Elnino says:

i let my little brother believe that earth is flat.

German Gameing says:

Danke Frau 🙂


i think this is too much for kid

Alfredo Flores says:

why am i here i am 20 lol

Neelloc1973 says:

If the dust formations are moving at more than 600,000 miles an hour why doesn't their shape change?

Red Nebula Nebula says:

she forgot the one that flips you off

sudibro Sudi says:

Very informative,though a bit to fast as I am taking notes.

Gurkha Income says:

All kids will see this comment

Konstantin Stefanithis says:

very informative, thank you

Moon X says:

thanks i thought it was like the end of the world XD

[TR] Fire Playz Games says:

All kids will see this comment. 😛

Assyifa Mulandar says:

i was opened my mouth first time i saw this video

Blah Blah Blah ! says:

it looks pretty amazing! the fact that these objects were freaking far from where we are and be able to see them even in these images are astonishing. Hope our lifetime could not only see more of them but could somehow if not explore but got to know more about them.

soaring blazer says:

thanks this was really helpful

marcelpete23 says:

it could be, the Hubble telescope only takes black and white pictures. they basically Photoshop the color in based off wavelengths the object being photographed is giving off.

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