Where NASA believes extraterrestrial life is found in the outer solar system

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Does life exist outside of Earth? If so, where could it be? This video will explore the outer solar system, looking for where life in the planets, moons and more.
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FuMu says:

Without watching the video: Europa, Titan, Ganimede, Enceladus.

Sean A Wardman says:

Astrum and foo fighters! Woohoo!

Rob M says:

Needs subtitles

Garry Graves says:

Titan ! 😊

Sub says:

good video as always mr ASStrum

pgantioch43 says:

The clouds of Venus haven't been excluded as an abode for microbial life.

Arslan Afzal says:

Excellent work thanks for these gifts

Brontosaurus says:

We really need to send more robots in all of those amazing worlds.

Dusti Rose says:

Now why cant the plumes of water being jetted into space from ganamede be from underwater heat from the core like our oceans do but much more hot that melt the solid frozen planet wich makes ice melt into water. instead they assume theres an ocean under its crust

itsasin1969 says:

Geeezers,, cute.

Damaris Burri McColgan says:

You are so handsome

N Yodeler says:

Europa and Enceladus are the two best options. Titan after that.

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