Alien Life Form Caught On NASA Rover Cam, June 13, 2018

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It looks like an animal caught running past the cam. It must have been very light footed or the dirt was very hard, because I don’t see a trail before or after it.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Photo 3 no anomaly:

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Tunc Karesioglu says:

There're two objects in the sky! Have yo seen them on the photo?

nearly worthless says:



Chicken School says:

Sand dollar Artificial Super Intelligence

Nitin Nayak says:

Firstly, is the Rover really on Mars, or is it in the Mojave desert.

Guinness Grl says:

I think the UFO's in the sky of pic 1 and 3 is pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing the link.

david helm says:

Its the rare dust devil. Known to be everywhere, not often seen.

xSharinganDomain Incognito says:

Not surprised there is life on other planets, but I am surprised NASA hasn’t discredited the video saying it’s a meteor or swamp gas😂

darcide caesaria says:

Maybe just dust

Anti Establishment says:

How bare our very own government keep the fact that aliens are everywhere in our universe….away from us the people is disturbing.

Jimmy says:

I bet there are some bad azz animals hiding. living in the sand, and underground that are scary scary, and will eat and kill a human if ever…

Ken Heslip says:

Ghost of Mars. Or a dust cloud.

ste c says:

Could be something running around in Canada

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