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Apollo 10 film footage Enhanced by AH 😉
0;58 my fav frame 😉


Thomas LaPointe sr says:

You would have more viewers if you explained what you think you are seeing!

whatisreality01 says:

Yep 58 sec is it . But you really need to let your eyes settle in , but once you see it , it can't be unseen . Looks like a hub or fulcrum in the middle of it . Scale is ridonkulous and camo is is that of an octopus that morphs color and shape to it's surroundings .

Jack Long says:

Man crazy stuff yet again!

crAZy American says:

Happy Farthers day everyone, AH. Anther cool vid, keep em coming..I am out..cA

Iron Silver says:

Happy Father's Day 2all!

Stevenshae Stanley says:

First lol 😆

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