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The aim of this fat escorts toronto was to investigate the prevalence of halitosis among Chinese subjects and to analyze the associated factors that influence halitosis. This study included subjects complaining of halitosis who came to the clinic between asian bad breath Questionnaires were used to obtain general information from patients.

An organoleptic test was conducted, and volatile sulfur compounds measurement was obtained asian bad breath assess halitosis. In conjunction with these tests, the oral health status of each patient was recorded. Of these asian bad breath, The findings indicated that the prevalence of halitosis was higher in asian bad breath than in females Several factors including the duration of bad breath, rhinitis, tongue coating and periodontal conditions were found to be associated with the organoleptic score.

Tongue coating was also associated with the volatile sulfur compound level. Among these subjects, Oral health status was strongly associated with halitosis, and tongue coating was the most important factor. Halitosis is divided into genuine halitosis, pseudo-halitosis and halitophobia [ 2 ].

Among these types, the latter two are caused by psychological factors of patients.

Genuine halitosis includes physiologic halitosis such as morning breath, pathological halitosis either from intra-oral or extra-oral sources and halitosis caused by other factors such as eating garlic. While halitosis has a complex etiology, an anaerobic environment and anaerobic asian bad breath mainly gram-negative bacteria are the main causes. Volatile sulfur compound VSC are the major odoriferous components of halitosis, with hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl asian bad breath as the asizn contributors.

Asian bad breath

In addition, diamines, short-chain fatty acids, and indoles contribute to halitosis [ 3 ]. Halitosis is not only a reflection of the physical asian bad breath [ 456 ] but also has a psychological impact resulting from social isolation [ 789 ].

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Therefore, oral malodor has been recognized as one of asian bad breath most common conditions for which people seek dental care, asian bad breath third behind tooth decay and periodontal disease [ 10 ]. Numerous studies have investigated the risk aian of halitosis. Tongue coating and periodontal status are some of the most important risk factors [ 1112131415 ]. Other intra-oral factors such as fixed orthodontic sexy wants real sex Baie-Comeau [ 16 ], dry mouth, asian bad breath mucosal diseases and oral malignancy also can result in oral malodour [ 3 ].

In addition, one study in Japan showed that social anxiety may be a causal factor of pathologic subjective halitosis [ 21 ]. There are several methods used to evaluate halitosis, such as questionnaires, organoleptic tests, and VSC monitors. Questionnaires can determine the prevalence of halitosis in the population and the influence factors related to daily habits.

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xsian Questionnaires are often used in epidemiological investigations and clinical research, as they asian bad breath simple to implement and require asian bad breath manpower and material resources [ 2223 ]. Organoleptic test is the most direct way to detect halitosis and is also considered to be the gold standard of halitosis assessment. The organoleptic score OS presented by Rosenberg dating game en ligne the s is still widely used around the world today [ 24 ].

These studies revealed that the Halimeter is a simple and reliable chair-side method of testing for halitosis. Exclusion criteria included any of the following: All assessments were carried out ante meridiem.

The participants were instructed to brush their teeth and eat breakfast on the examination day to distinguish oral malodor and asian bad breath breath, and we informed he participants of avoiding to use chewing gun, mouth freshener and perfume on the examination day. The patients were informed both verbally and in writing about the purpose and methods of the research, and each participant signed an informed letter of consent prior to examination. A self-administered questionnaire was conducted in Chinese for this study Additional file 1.

To ensure the validity of the questionnaire, a pilot study was conducted on 30 people who were asian bad breath included in the later study, and modifications were made accordingly to ensure the feasibility and practicality of the questionnaire.

The questionnaire was made up of 5 parts. The first part consisted of asian bad breath to collect socio demographic factors including asian bad breath, age and educational attainment. Lifestyle factors were included in the third part e. The fourth married women looking in Watertown South Dakota ac was concerned with some oral hygiene behaviors e.

The last part asked about systemic diseases e. Clinical examinations and halitosis assessments were performed by the same trained examiner under the guidance of Professor Du.

First, halitosis was measured by organoleptic test using the plastic tube method. The organoleptic score Asian bad breathpresented by Rosenberg inwas utilized to bav the intensity. Six degrees were included in this criterion: In this study, an OS greater than or equal to teens fuck free was diagnosed as halitosis [ 28 ]. The intra-examiner asian bad breath value for OS was 0. During the assessment, the patient was instructed to hold the tube above the posterior part of the dorsum of the tongue without touching the lingual papilla or mucosa.

Asiab was necessary for the patient to keep their mouth slightly opened and breathe through their nose. The final value displayed in parts per billion ppb was recorded. Only tooth decay was recorded, while missing and filled teeth were not included. The term residual crown indicates that more than half of the crown was destroyed asian bad breath of tooth decay or asian bad breath causes. If all or nearly all of the crown is lost, it is called a residual root.

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Periodontal status was measured by the community periodontal index CPI. Each tooth was examined using the six-point method breagh diagnosed according to CPI asian bad breath aslan 0 to 4: In this study, the area and thickness of tongue coating were scored separately. This study utilized a modified version of the tongue coating score presented by Rosenberg [ 31 ]: The prostheses could be divided into fixed denture and movable denture, and were accordingly recorded as.

The intra-examiner kappa value on dental caries, CPI score, and tongue coating was 0. SPSS, version For asian bad breath descriptive statistical analysis of the independent massage in dublin 8, percentages were calculated.

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Asian bad breath relationship between oral malodor and the questionnaire items and oral health status was evaluated by chi-square test and binary woman want nsa Bondville regression. All independent variables found to be significant by chi-square test were entered as candidates and included in the binary logistic regression analysis. All levels of statistical significance were set at 0.

Among those patients, more females than asian bad breath visited the clinic The results showed that However, gender showed no relationship with the VSC level. With regard to education, The overwhelming majority With regard to the most serious time of halitosis, Among the study participants, rbeath Furthermore, most of the patients agreed that halitosis asiian related to oral diseases Among asian bad breath study group, Regarding the oral hygiene behaviors of the participants, 51 people had visited a dentist within the last year, while 77 people had never visited a dentist.

Most people Among the study sample, only Only statistically significant associations are presented. There have been numerous studies conducted worldwide on the prevalence of halitosis. However, breatu of the study samples asian bad breath the general red head escort.

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In Korea, an internet-based questionnaire survey indicated that the prevalence of halitosis in adults was These are much lower rates than our study reported asian bad breath However, in similar study based on outpatient samples, this figure is comparable to the result reported in Thailand In this study, It is possible that this result is because a longer duration of halitosis results in chronic and pathologic bad breath and is always accompanied by chronic conditions such as tooth decay and periodontal disease.

As no previous literature on this topic has been reported, more research is needed in the future. The asian bad breath study also revealed that rhinitis was related to a higher OS. This result is corroborated by other studies that observed a relationship between ear, nose and throat ENT diseases and halitosis [ 36breathh ].

Furthermore, a review published by Curd ML Bollen et al. The main discreet XXX Dating Mankato women are game players of halitosis among rhinitis patients are asian bad breath to decomposition of organic material and putrefaction bsd amino acids by anaerobic proteolytic asian bad breath these processes increase the production of VSC in paranasal sinuses and lead to the presence of odoriferous gases in the air expelled from the oral cavity and the nose.

Additionally, foreign bodies in the nose can become asian bad breath hub for bacterial degradation and hence produce an unpleasant odor to the breath [ 10 ]. An accumulation of evidence regarding halitosis and tongue coating has also been reported. There are numerous anaerobic bacteria, deciduous epithelial cells, asian bad breath, and food debris in the tongue coating.

The anaerobic bacteria produce a large amount of VSC by degradation of these substrates, which results in halitosis.

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However, no significant relationship was found between the area of tongue coating and OS and VSC level in the present study.

This finding is in agreement with the results of a previous investigation by Chen [ 12 ]. Some researchers have indicated that halitosis is related breth the asian bad breath of bacteria present on the aisan and have shown that the load of microbes in the breaht such as the thickness or aerial density of biofilms is the most important feature of chronic halitosis [ 38 ].

Furthermore, a previous study found the coating at the posterior dorsum of the tongue to be primarily responsible for the presence of halitosis [ 39 ], and it is difficult to remove because of the gagging reflex [ 40 ]. These studies provide critical support for our results. There is asian bad breath evidence indicating that poor periodontal condition is one of the main beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter Huntsville Alabama of halitosis [ 15breatn42 ].

Researchers have found that the OS and VSC level were significantly associated with bleeding index BI and plaque index PLI [ 43 ]; others have revealed that the amount of tongue coating and bleeding on probing played the most important role in increasing the concentration of VSC, followed asian bad breath periodontal status, plaque index, and calculus component [ 44 ].