Best of NASA: Tour Of The Moon in 4K

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In this grand tour of the Moon’s surface from NASA, the camera flies over the lunar terrain, coming in for close looks at a variety of interesting sites ased on data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Location and scale provided for the image center. Music Provided By Killer Tracks: “Never Looking Back” – Frederick Wiedmann. “Flying over Turmoil” – Benjamin Krause & Scott Goodman.


Greg says:

I miss you SpaceRip!Come back to me!

Orion6699 says:

What? Pictures of the lander??? Thought they did all that in a warehouse… oh and the earth is flat and aliens cause gravity… and climate science is made up by china. Time to get in my truck and put my MAGA hat back on…

Ateeb Aneeb says:

At 4:10 were they surely the shadows near the terminator. They were moving in the opposite direction.

Christ’s Warrior says:


kang pimp says:

nuke the moon! 🌚

David Kerkenes says:

To all you nice folks commenting "cgi" remember every video on here is cgi. YouTube has no projector. Digital images are cgi.

Random Guy says:


willd3rbeast says:


D Davis says:

We are currently looking for a new planet but rather a new planetary system to bring people there, when planet X appears.

D Davis says:

very clear, video too, thanks

Meek Source says:

My stream buffered every 3 seconds but goddammit did I watch it in 4k

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