DSLR Astrophotography – Let’s Photograph the Orion Nebula

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In this DSLR Astrophotography video, I attempt to photograph a beautiful deep-sky object from the Astro backyard!

The Orion Nebula and the Running Man Nebula are located in a the constellation Orion, and are perfect targets for my DSLR and telescope.

We’ll also take a look at a new tool to help focus your camera through a telescope. The Bahtinov mask is designed for visual and photographic use, and can help you achieve perfect focus on your deep-sky object.

Watch as I install the Bahtinov mask on my wide-field refractor telescope for the first time. I share my thoughts on how it works, and whether it is right for your astrophotography setup or not.

After a few clouds and some focusing hiccups, I finally get up and running on the Orion Nebula. Stay tuned to the end of the video for my results.

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Willi Billi says:

yea, Beer eh?? Kokanee #1! lol… None the less, did you get the 3 pillars and or the Horse Head in Orinon?

88jetster says:

I have a question about the use of the bahtinov mask. On my refractor scope, should I remove the dew shield in order to get the mask close to the lens or does that matter in how effective the mask is? Thanks and love your channel.

Hannes Camitz says:

That familiar sound of the servos in HEQ5 pro mount, or am I wrong?

don m says:

Try a longer exposure and changing the aperture to f16

Luke Reynolds says:

whats that program you use on the laptop

fingerstylefan says:

Wow that image at the end is fantastic. I have gotten into astro-photography lately but more landscape. Not sure if I'll ever afford to do this but it sure is cool. Thanks for the video.

Opal Preston Shirley says:

Just found your channel. Very nice setup. That is a very beautiful image. What software are you using?

No Nopus says:

Impressive. Well done!

James says:

is that music from hyper light drifter???? great video btw

Funleak says:

I'm looking forward to get into deepsky astrophotography
I'm learning a lot new things from your videos..
I know deep sky astrophotography is tough.
You are awesome sir..

Core5 says:

Greetings from Ottawa neighbour!
MagicLantern on Canon DSLRs is great for enhancing what you see on live view and really helps showing the pattern. It can make the image expose longer, and increase the image gain. I gave a RASC talk on it that's available on Youtube if you want more information.

Louis Pharconides says:

That’s so cool Trevor

Jolujo 58 says:

wow….17 dislikes?
What's wrong with these people?
What's not to like?
Great videos keep up the good work👍👍👍👍👍

György Gazsó says:

No hd sample images great

Scarface27 says:

1:53 He succ me

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