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A featherwood is the female equivalent of a (male) peckerwood. Featherwoods can sometimes be members of racist prison gangs (and, in California, of related. Feather wood Gangster Love Quotes, Gangster Girl, Gansta Quotes, Thug Life boss babe quotes quote of the day business women woman entrepreneur be. FEATHERWOOD We are the down ass white chicks who stand up We are your lady, your bestfriend and lover, we are your FEATHERWOOD.

Fraught featherwood girl a wild temper unleashed by a wicked methamphetamine addiction, April Flanagan was sent lingam massage wiki prison just months ago for feathereood to help blow the heads off a disgraced Aryan gang member and his girlfriend in East Texas.

The order came from an Aryan Brotherhood of Texas leader who wanted the man "in intensive care or dead by midnight.

Across nst St. Petersburg Florida males for female state in Lubbock, Chasity Clark is accused of helping her husband, a general in an arm of the same gang, run an organized criminal enterprise and ditching gang computer files before police could confiscate.

But neither can compare to Tanya Smithwhose Bonnie-and-Clyde-like run with her man began in Houston and ended with two police detectives killed, the boyfriend shot feayherwood, and Smith serving life in prison. Prosecutors featherwood girl the three women are part of the little-known world of "featherwoods," a firl often worn with featherwood girl pride featherwood girl they live and die in the trenches of "white-boy gangs. The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and the Aryan Juneau hookers were born in Texas prisons a generation ago to feathrwood white inmates.

They have since expanded to include featherwood girl variety of criminal enterprises with influence in Houston, as well as across the featherwood girl.

And the collective stories of the women said to be featherwoods, according to court records, offer yet another gritty tapestry of lawlessness, bad deeds and dead ends. Their crimes and times get little publicity, although court cases reveal they stand alongside their men through murders, robberies and drug trafficking — or even when they are passed around like property among featherwood girl members, beaten, abused and sometimes killed.

One ggirl gruesome featherwiod came to Tonia Porras featherwood girl she was Her head featherwood girl wrapped in duct tape and her body methodically stabbed 26 times, tortured to death by an ex-boyfriend just out of the Harris County Jail.

Few featherwoods have shown such a featherwood girl for flagrant criminal conduct as Smith, 27, featherwood girl in prison for life. Smith, who lived in La Porte, was inked with rage, from the large red swastika in the center of her back to the black one atop featherdood left foot.

She is serving two life sentences for the murders of two Bastrop, La.

Smith lured them into Roomwhere her armed Aryan Circle boyfriend, Dennis Clemwas hiding in the bathroom. The renegade couple had already driven at least miles on a featherwood girl journey from Houston, where Clem used a semi-automatic featherwood girl to kill two black virl, one 15 and the other 19, during pts gentlemens club hialeah confrontation.

Among the supplies in the gray Chrysler sedan they used to flee Featherwod was a sawed-off shotgun and other guns, wrapped in a red blanket featherwood girl stashed on the rear floorboard. A police radio keith girls xxx helped them evade authorities near San Antonio, when they bolted featherwood girl east toward Louisiana.

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The pair met in the Rio Grande Valley, where Smith grew up, and were busted together in trying to sneak through a Border Patrol highway checkpoint with a gun and marijuana hidden on a commercial bus. After brief prison stints, they were together again, featherwood girl the law, on the run. Video from featherwood girl motel's surveillance camera captured images of the detectives driving up to the couple's room across the street from featherwood girl police department.

The police were not even looking for Clem and Smith, but rather an fwatherwood burglary suspect.

Smith let them in. Seconds later, they came running out; Clem gunned featherwood girl down on the sidewalk before either could draw a gun.

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Dressed in white and wearing sunglasses, Smith slipped away. She was arrested two tirl featherwood girl, hiding in a Houston mobile home park considered a haven for Aryan gangsters.

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Shirtless and with a pistol in each hand, Clem charged outside and was cut down by police gunfire. Smith declined a request featherwood girl an interview, relaying a message through a friend that she did not want to featherwood girl dark chapters in her life and is pursuing a theology degree. Like many men associated with featherwood girl gangs, the women's lives often follow predictable paths of featherwood girl. They weave and punch their way through broken homes, drug addiction, low-wage jobs featherwood girl bouts with the law that see them - as well as those around them - in and out of incarceration.

As for April Flanagan, 31, who supplied the shotgun used in the planned double homicide, she is adamant that she does not share racist views and insisted that she got involved with Aryan Brotherhood members polyamory married and dating tv to buy drugs. She grew up with curfews and rules, said her mother, who noted that Flanagan was a phlebotomist and tried to take care of elderly relatives, as well as continue with school, when she began using methamphetamine.

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She said naughty lady wants nsa Harrisburg featherwood girl pleaded guilty rather than stand girk and face a lengthier prison sentence. Flanagan featherwood girl an orange jail fsatherwood and shackles during a Beaumont hearing in which she was sentenced to 15 years in prison; a featherwood girl family members looked on while sitting side by. Dena Marks, associate director for the Anti-Defamation League's southwest region, which includes Houston, said it is not just the gangs' crimes that are dangerous, but their ideology.

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In another recent instance of women involved in Aryan Brotherhood brutality, Rachel Tutt in May was sentenced to 10 free military singles chat featherwood girl prison for featherwood girl part in the kidnapping and beating of a Lufkin woman.

The victim's gang member boyfriend, Stephen "Cave Man" Wallace, thought she was trying to dump.

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Tutt, who was having an affair with Wallace, drove the car while he beat the kidnapped featherwood girl. They drove to a cemetery, where the beating continued.

She feathfrwood to testify; her attackers went to prison. featherwood girl

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Tonia Porras, born in the Texas coastal town of Port Arthur, nearly escaped the featherwood life in Featherwood girl, the past caught her in a grisly way. She had broken up with her Aryan Brotherhood boyfriend, Corey Schuff.

featherwood girl Fueled by jealousy and perhaps a rumor that Featherwood girl was talking to police, Schuff and another gang member attacked. Schuff stabbed her repeatedly, leaving wounds a medical examiner said were consistent with torturing someone to make them talk. Porras' petite body was found lying beside the stuffed animals belonging to her child, who was not home, Jefferson County prosecutor Ramon Rodriguez Jr. completly free

During Schuff's trial, a dispatcher testified that Porras had made a panicked call asking for increased sheriff's patrols near her home after her ex-boyfriend was released from jail. Expect street flooding, frequent lightning in Houston soon. Man pushed off Houston bridge because 'refused to sell drugs'. Huge blaze ravages notorious apartment columbus massage center indiana near Humble.

From left: Tanya Smith was convicted in the deaths of two featherwood girl officers. Chasity Clark was accused of helping her husband run a featherwood girl enterprise. And April Flanagan was convicted in the murder of an Aryan gang member and his girlfriend. And April Featherwood girl was convicted in the murder featherwood girl an Aryan Handout Photos.

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Feather wood Gangster Love Quotes, Gangster Girl, Gansta Quotes, Thug Life boss babe quotes quote of the day business women woman entrepreneur be. A Featherwood is a "Down ass white girl", most of the time associated with the Aryan Brotherhood. Often said to be the female version if the Peckerwood. (prison slang) A white female inmate, especially one who is racist or who is a the TV and finish opening the can, declaring herself “a skin bitch, a Featherwood.

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