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B Bertta. F Fanni Fiona. Retrieved from " https: Finnish given names Female given names by language. Helka Divine woman. Helle Torch. Helleena Torch.

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Helli Helen. Helmi Pearl. Henna Favor; grace. Henriikka Home-ruler. Hilda Battle. Hilja Silence. Hilla A confident person. Hillevi Happy in war.

Select from the most popular Finnish girl names and discover their meanings. These uncommon and amazing names will sound cute and shine with your girl. In Finland, it's not uncommon to give your baby up to three names. One of the most popular Finnish baby girl names is Aino, but there are plenty of other Finnish. Finnish Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Finland for from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard's naming encyclopedia.

Hulta Hidden, obscure, secret. Iida Work. Iines Chaste; holy. Ilma Air. Ilmatar Air. Ilona Finnsih bright one. Ilta Night.

Impi Virgin. Inari Place name for Lake Inari in Finland.

Select from the most popular Finnish girl names and discover their meanings. These uncommon and amazing names will sound cute and shine with your girl. Pages in category "Finnish Female Names". The following pages are in this category, out of 6, total. (previous page) (next page). List of most popular female baby names Finland/Finnish , a 'hitparade' of the top names.

Ingria Hero's daughter. Inka Foremost one.

Inkeri Beautiful. Irja Woman of peace.

Isla Devoted to God. Jaakkina Feminine form of Jukka. Jaana Obstinacy, rebelliousness. Janeka God is gracious. Janika God is gracious. Jemina Listened to.

Jenna White. Jenni God is gracious. Johanna Gift from God. Jonna Finnish women names is merciful.

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Josefiina God shall add another son. Julia Young.

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Kaarina Pure. Kaija Pure.

Kaisa Pure. Kaisu Pure; variant of Kaisa. Kalevi Hero.

Kalwa Heroine. Karoliina Man. Kata Pure.

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Katariina Pure. Kati Pure. Katja Pure. Katri Pure. Katriina Pure. Katrikki Pure. Kerrttu Gertrude. Kerttu Spear strength.

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Kielo Lily of the valley. Kirsi Believer. Kirsti Believer.

Krista Christian woman. Kristiina Believer of Christ. Read more about Twain. Constant, also trap in the traditional Finnish meaning of the word. Read more about Ansa. Finnish women names more about Inari. Read more about Anneli.

Finnish Girl Names

Read more about Aku. Read more about Armo. Read more about Milla. Hero''s daughter; famillar form of Inkeri, the Finnish variant of Ingrid. Read more about Inka. Pure; Finnish phonetic version of Katya, which is a Finnish women names form of Catherine. Read more about Katja. Read more about Jere. Read more about Sanna. Bitter; a Finnish form of Maria, also a word name in Finland meaning berry.

Read more about Marja. Read more about Tapio. Read more finnish women names Kauko. Read more about Aada.

Read more about Aallotar. Read more about Aapo. Read more about Aaro.

Finnish Girls Names: Popular Girls Names in Finland for | Baby Name Wizard | Baby Name Wizard

Read more about Aatami. Read more about Aatto. Read more about Aimo. Read more about Aina. Read more about Aino.

I Wanting Real Sex Finnish women names

Read more about Aleksandra. Read more about Annikki. Read more about Eero.