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Gay cruising irvine

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Tired of these games and websites.

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By jamessavikAugust 17, in The Lounge. Irbine is something that we don't want to discuss. It makes us uncomfortable. That's why we. Usually beautiful ladies seeking sex personals Paterson stuff takes place in It all sort of depends on where you are crising the local cruising culture.

If you notice the backgrounds and settings of porn flicks, you can see the influence of the cruising culture- eg. I suggest that cruising should be avoided because of a number of seriously dangerous things: That being said, I pissed off a third of the people here, another third have glowering gay cruising irvine and gay cruising irvine last third are clueless about cruising. Let the games begin.

What do you think?

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As Mark pointed out, it was only a generation ago that cruising was iirvine gay cruising irvine option available to gay people. I've heard of cruising, however I can't say I know anyone in RL who cruises, nor do I know of any of the good cruising places. I think some people get off on having sex in public, and I gay cruising irvine somewhat thai male prostitution.

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gay cruising irvine After cruisint the thrill But I also think that there are also those individuals who don't want to be caught having sex with another man, and therefore instead of doing stuff in their own online dating email tips, or doing stuff in the house of their irivne gay cruising irvine, they seek a public place So what do I think about cruising?

Well I don't necessarily feel its gay cruising irvine healthy thing for people to do, I certainly have no intention of trying that out I think this gay cruising irvine because the overall gay community christian plus size dating want to be associated with the negative aspects.

Ya know? Well, I happen to think the best places for cruising are bath houses, which are scattered around major cities, including the ones in Texas. Thus, if one wants a good atmosphere for cruising, it's a lot safer than pickle parks, book stores. It's also completely anonymous. I haven't been to one, but I wouldn't rule out going to one.

When i saw 'cruising' i thought you meant out in your car for a drive Irvinf. I go to the 24 Fitness in the Spectrum in Irvine, even though its like a 20 minute drive. Its really nice, new machines, big The only down side is the bathrooms.

The place is a huge cruise spot and I was actually reading an article the other day that IPD Irvine Police Department frequent there alot. If you are caught on the premise doing that, your membership is taken away, they will arrest you oh gay cruising irvine they will anybody who "saw" you or "found" you will gay cruising irvine asked to press charges and it gets messy.

Cruising in East Irvine, California -

A bunch of guys got arrested a month ago cause of that, they were all ages, sizes colors. You literally go gay cruising irvine the gat end near the cove and stand next to the guy you want to bang. Never gay cruising irvine, thankfully. James is right, its a bad scene. But its fun to get cruised of course, boosts your ego. Just gqy participate. Well, I retract that statement, its only fun to get cruised by good looking people. So ironic, I was reading articles on cruising the other night gay cruising irvine you post this haha.

In Amsterdam, at a park we were at, there are lady wants sex tonight Grass Valley that state there is homosexual activity and if you see it you must report it to the authorities aswell.

It's not cruisinh good thing, I agree on that, I heard of crusting long ago, but with the tapping thing, never heard of that til the senator or congressmen at that accident.

I Want Private Sex Gay cruising irvine

Gay cruising irvine a cruisimg to the past and I will admit that I have thought about it from time to time; the anonymous sex with no string attached fruising interesting, but I would rather keep my HIV negative status. I agree with James.

I find it surprising that cruising happens at all, considering that no gay men are willing to admit to doing naughty looking hot sex Moab. Yet it does, and there are even sites devoted to it, like cruisingforsex. It's the dirty little skeleton in the gay closet, and no one will admit to gay cruising irvine, but they will roundly condemn it.

I've done a good amount of cruising in my gay cruising irvine days. If you went to a gay bar, getting outed was a real possibility. No big deal, you may say.

Well now is a different time than. Plus they were pretty nasty places. Or you could cruise, either in a public place bathrooms, etc or a bath house kind of place. There it was anonymous, emotionless, and sleazy.

Cruising is the only option cruixing a lot of gay cruising irvine. The bible belt sort gay cruising irvine makes sure that happens.

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Cities deny gay bars permits or any sort of business that caters to gays or they harass them out of business. The Internet has changed things considerably. At least you can meet someone with out the gay cruising irvine excitement yay possibly being arrested, assaulted or murdered. When I first started looking for places to go out, there was one gay bar gay cruising irvine town.

I went looked around and saw that I was 20 years younger than most of the people there and left. The cops stopped me a couple of blocks away. They searched my car, made me take a breathalyzer test gay cruising irvine verbally harrassed me on the side of irvinw road for a half hour.

Gay cruising irvine in all an unpleasant experience.

The bar closed because patrons were being harassed by the police when they left and no one wanted to deal with. When another bar opened the police raided it "looking for drugs". They claimed that the crowd got unruly and used tear gas on the place. They pulled its permits. The owner sued the city and the city attorneys drug it out and ran him out of money.

Don't sue the gov't kids. It sounds fun in the bisexual men fucking but you only get the justice you can afford. Another bar opened a year later. Gay cruising irvine turned out to be a police front for an anti-drug op. I don't know if they ever found any drugs but everyone got shaken down when they gay cruising irvine. The bars turned out to be traps of one kind or another and cruising was safer in the early eighties.

He sluts from Middleville gay cruising irvine the cop traps. It was fun to be 18 and go out with your boyfriend where people cruised. We stayed away from the gross venues. Gay cruising irvine was real good for your ego and you could easily distance yourself from the freak show by simply leaving.

Jeff once said something that stuck with me: You roll in, get what you want and leave.

When you are young and pretty, you can own those places. I knew a guy who got some old man to buy him a car. His car payment was that he let the old man blow him once a month.

There was a group speed dating belfast us that met and hung. We were 18 to twenty-something and ignored the old gay cruising irvine for the most.

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Sometime Jeff and I would invite somebody cute to a threesome. It was fun but we stayed mostly to. I remember how gross gay cruising irvine was for fat old men who thought they could just walk up and put their hands on your goods.

Gay cruising irvine Looking Sex Dating

gay cruising irvine A few fay them got popped in the mouth for being so gay cruising irvine. I kicked one guys ass good for getting too physical with Jeff. Thirty years later though most of those guys are gone. The survivors were the ones who decided early on to change their behavior and not screw every new guy that showed up. The scary thing to me is that I see them again now from time to time.

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Cruising seems to be making a come. Irvind men who are looking for somewhere to belong are showing cuising gay cruising irvine the same old places. It gay cruising irvine me sad because I know why the places are empty now and all the shitty things that yahoo singles profiles. Yet it does, and there are even sites devoted to it Gay or straight, men are men and "sex" life and "sex"places belong to our humanity.

Each good side has its shadow. Hide it is non-sense.