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Got some down time and looking for a friend

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I'd like a good looking woman that wants to drink and play. You looked to be with two mans and a girl. Sugar Daddy for you I am looking for a woman 21 years old or older who needs a Daddy figure in her life. I guarantee you will get the racine county japanese women pleasure you can imagine ;) Stats 6'2 Black, slim, 9 inches long uncut, hard as a rock and aims to please should be discreet. Basiy I'm seeking for a best friend.

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Do the people around you drag you down?

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Do they make you doubt your abilities? Or do they always agree with your ideas Then it's possible you're surrounded with people who will not help you become successful.

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You need to spend more time with fgiend who will lift you up because, as Jim Rohn said, "you're the average of the five people you spend the most time. So hang out with people who inspire you to be better, either through their exampleor because you want to be an inspiration and model to.

Surround yourself with people who give you concrete benchmarks for success. They show you new heights, and they believe you can reach.

If you look around you and don't find many--or any--of these people, then it's most likely because you haven't been seeking them out and intentionally spending more time with. Here's more on how to network more intentionally.

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The first quality you want to look for is a values match. Seek people whose values resonate with yours.

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Not only are they better than you in git area, but they're also confident enough that they won't tear you down to make themselves look and feel better. In organizations it's called team building.

And in life it's called family, friends, and community. Begin your search in your existing networks and the people closest to you: Look at the people you work with, your team members, co-managers, other leaders, and even your customers. And then look for experts and successful people, those who've achieved the goals you want to accomplish.

Once you've identified the people who can help you succeed, nad do you actually spend more time with them?

Maybe you have a successful uncle you respect and timd like to learn. Invite him to lunch or a game of golf to catch up. Organize informal gatherings.

I used to host monthly dinners to get interesting people together and have a deeper conversation with. Jayson Gaignard built a thriving business around this concept, and he wrote about it in his book, Mastermind Dinners: Aome you have a blog or podcast, a good way to start a relationship with an expert is by interviewing.

Do your research, prepare good questions, and make a good impression.

If you help them spread their message, they'll remember you. And then, of course, join appropriate networking events and mastermind groups.

List the five specific people you want to spend more time. Try Dan Sullivan's stuff-to-energy transfer technique to free up time to spend with people who light a fire inside you. Next, brainstorm up dating team three activities that will allow you to interact with them, and go do.

When choosing the people you spend time with, I suggest two criteria: You don't get to choose your relatives, but you can choose everyone. Choose wisely. Dwon opinions expressed here by Inc.

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