Hubble Spots Thousands of Objects Traveling Faster Than Light | NASA’s Unexplained Files

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The Hubble Telescope spots something violating one of the universe’s most fundamental laws. What did it see? | For more, visit

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Matthew Galpin says:

Outer space lmao. Worlds greatest hoax. You mock Christians but you people worship pseudoscience. You mistake CGI for reality – that’s pathetic. Your god is NASA. Too bad these lame ass documentaries don’t have Hollywood’s budget hey?

Amir Rahiminia says:

NASA or Science channel reports that they have seen galaxies moving away from earth faster than speed of light.  If we assume that claim is true the light speed must be much faster than presumed c  so the case can be visible from earth.  If I was the one wanted to sell a lie like that at least I would say I was witness the movement for short time in parallel to the perpendicular axes of the view.

bipola telly says:

einstein was completely wrong.

acuna matata says:

but but, starship enterprise??


You k ow this isn’t truth. For space in on earth not up.. for up is heaven and the dome they can’t past or brake through. Truth, how can there be space with a vacuum. There is nothing to push off.

Mick Cooper says:

If they move faster than the speed of light how the fuck did they see them?

dakrontu says:

Those parts of the universe that are moving away from us faster than the speed of light cannot be seen. By definition.

tam hill says:

Would the laws of physics be dependent apon where you are ? Our Solar System is all we have to study. The phrase
" Universal constant " may only apply here. If the " Rules " for different Systems are altered depending on the variables of which it lives; The search for External life may not have been scratched yet.

We are carbon based beings. If " They " are different; how would we detect that ? We are searching for life that is like our own. If " ET " has a different structure; we must broaden the search.

Kwisatz Haderach says:

these shows are a circle jerk about nothing.

Lee Jansen says:

Space itself can go faster then the speed of light… expansion

Kaye Jeye says:

This is based on MANS TECH…

Newts Nest says:

Idiots like you and some supposed scientists saying these things are impossible etc remind me of a lost tribe of South American natives talking about humans flying or diving to the bottom of the ocean or travelling faster than a short sprint.
Let’s hope when they do come they treat us better than we treated the indigenous peoples that we “discovered”!

This channel is also so badly named by the way.

Gods Vibes says:

It's not traveling faster than light, it is traveling faster than darkness🙄⏰🚀🚦

Alexander Reid says:

Anything going faster than light can not be seen by the even the best telescopes to come.


HE who "CREATED" all things can do as "HE" pleases, the knowledge of a man is lest than a grain of sand in comparisons to all the sands in the world ..

oldschooldiy says:

I have never understood how scientists can claim the speed of light is the "ultimate" speed limit! And at the same time tell us light can be slowed or even stopped by gravity! I.E. Black holes hold light at a standstill! Also, no one mentions this, if there are objects out there traveling faster than light, and time slows down then, are they in a different time or are we? And being in different times, HOW CAN WE SEE THEM?

sclogse1 says:

Here's an easy answer. The big bang was between us and these galaxies. So, we're heading in one direction, and they're heading in another. You combine the speeds and you get an apparent illusion that they are moving faster than the speed of light. It's just an illusion based on observation. Here's an even simpler way to create the illusion of moving faster than the speed of light. Two moons above the earth. Between them, more than 186 thousand miles. Also, between them is a strip five feet high facing the earth connecting them.You aim a beam of light at one end of the strip at one moon from here on earth, then you twist your wrist and flip the light faster than a second to the other moon. The illusion you get is this light traveling faster than the speed of light. But it's just an illusion.

Lions of War says:

Gravity is faster.

ytgadfly says:

They need to rename this channel.

Christopher McKeon says:

Utter crap video. You should delete it.

John James says:

you wouldnt be able to see an object if it were travelling faster than light

M Shaler says:

How can something seem to be travelling away from something at the speed of light, how was that measured. If they were galaxies, the light would have been sent probably 200 million years ago, yet these people claim to be able to determine that these galaxies are moving away at the speed of light. More like the light of Speed I say, or whatever they were smoking.

bE Reel says:

more bullshit to keep humanity ignorant, in the dark and waste our time

pobembe1958 says:

An object moving faster than the speed of light … would be invisible.

Luke Fallon says:

The didn't even mention the Alcubierre drive which is mathematically sound. The ship folds space to make it travel close to the speed of light.

Steve Parker says:

Can't travel faster than the speed of light is only a theory as far as our intelligence knows, beings far more advanced than us have probably broken that barrier.

John Dee says:

They said many moon's ago nothing travels faster than sound, now its nothing travels faster than light.

Well the force of quantum entanglement (whatever it may be) travels faster than light.

chip sramek says:

FAKE NEWS…wise up people. Funded with your tax dollars.

Bueler says:

Speed of light as measured from what stationary Point?

So-called speed of light can vary wildly depending on what objects you're measuring it from and which direction they are going

If you're traveling at 60 miles per hour and someone next to you is traveling at 60 then the apparent speed between you is 0

However cars in the opposite lane going the opposite direction at 60 miles per hour their relative speed to you is 120


Signal Hunter says:

This is all disinformation… according to NASA the Hubble has no propulsion system and had to be moved by space shuttle back know into is original orbit on schedule. The hubble stopped communicating shortly after space shuttle program discontinued…if you can believe even that… their lies keep catching up with them. They have told so many lies they can't remember them all.

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