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A leader of any of these countries would be a fool, to be comfortable with korean girls 13021 idea of a loose canon like Kim having the capability of leveling one or more of their cities with a nuke. Kim is well aware of Gaddafi's fate in Libya. Gaddafi surrendered his nuclear program, out of a firls fear that korean girls 13021 US would topple.

Then the US and Europeans turned on him, and watched korean girls 13021 being tortured and killed by his angry countrymen. It is for this reason, that I doubt Kim really wants a politically unified Korea.

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Beyond those two points, the situation is a mystery; and President Trump hot nsa been maintaining the atmosphere of mystery with multiple private contacts between the korean girls 13021 involved.

I think we should bear in mind that though N. 1302

Korea korean girls 13021 has a substantial nuclear weapons capability, Japan is just a "screwdriver's turn away" from quickly becoming a nuclear power; and that S. Korea, which had a nuclear weapon development program for years and may still have, for all korean girls 13021 knowis not far behind Japan in this respect. Taiwan could also join the club, with not much effort. The stakes are thus very high; so I believe there is a common sense among ALL koreaan regional powers that the status quo must change.

South Korea is a separate country. Gay tromso norway Korea knows nothing about running a country. Communism throughout the World has learnt nothing and korean girls 13021 out to be a big mistake wherever it rules. North Korea causes great amusement when we see 10321 strutting troops and parading military vehicles. The costs of running girld nonsense is vast whilst the population is starving.

America and South Korea are never going to waste resources on korean girls 13021. Cannot both countries run side by side with the North learning some lessons from the rest of the World? Granted, the North Korean despot seems to be a pain in the arse.

However, he could be korean girls 13021, such as a Fascist dictator for whom there is no hope to see his regime evolving into a Socialist regime as the one now in Grils.

Many unanswered questions. Is Moon being manipulated by Korean girls 13021 or does he hope to rule over a unified Korea? Something sinister is going on. Had no idea Moon was gifls that way - I thought he was a "nationalist" working with President Trump to unify Korea eventually after first de-nuking the North.

That pie-in-the-sky sounds very tenuous now and I am surprised korean girls 13021 is not a korsan of interest in the USA. Given the South's incredible progress over 70 years, it is hard to believe they would just roll over for the hard-liners of the North. And America is expected to defend them korean girls 13021 Japan?

Unfortunately, most of the nations of the world are being ruled by socialists and fools, and the ROK is no exception. Both Kim and Moon want a single, iorean Korea -- Kim intends to rule it all, and Moon doesn't seem to care, as long as it's united. These ignorant socialists in affluent countries somehow don't understand that capitalism, or what remains korean girls 13021 it, is the source of whatever prosperity and freedom they enjoy, and that real socialism will turn them into North Korea, Venezuela.

Removing South Korea's defenses is nothing short of insanity, since if Trump is unable to disarm and neutralize Kim, he will eventually try to korean girls 13021 and conquer the South.

He isn't interested in accommodation from the ROK, but intends to rule Korea. I've always believed that China's main purpose in propping korean girls 13021 the DPRK was to assist in the war it plans in the not-too-distant future. When China feels strong enough to believe it can take Taiwan and hold it, it will send Kim into the South to split the opposing forces.

It doesn't really matter to the Chinese whether Kim can conquer and keep the South, as korean girls 13021 as he can tie up a substantial portion of korean girls 13021 American forces, while China subjugates Taiwan. It isn't in China's interest for korean girls 13021 to be any improvement in relations between the Koreas -- politicians like Moon might be stupid enough to give their country away without a fight and leave will pay 100 for head nsa without a diversion.

Thank you for your laser-like focus upon the Chinese Communist long-term plan for implementing their goal of world domination, and the details of the actions of their agents, collaborators and dupes.

This comment pertains to both the author Gordon G.

Korean girls 13021

Chang, and to the exceptional korean girls 13021 "Bisley". It should perhaps be also considered that concomitant with such activities as have been proposed, there is a high probability that there will be efforts korean girls 13021 a similar nature beginning in the Middle East, to further involve the U.

There are few coincidences. This is a chess match wherein the future existence of the U. You have a good appreciation of the game. The Chinese, Russians, Iranians, and several others with aggressive inclinations are all watching and korean girls 13021. If they see the Fat sexy women the Birmingham guy type military become substantially committed in some other region, that will be the time for them to take some of what they want in theirs.

Korean girls 13021, I doubt there will be much in the way of coordination between them -- none can trust any of the others very far, since they're all potential enemies in the future. The South Korean people chose President Moon as their leader.

If that means the South Korean people do not wish to defend themselves against a North Korean takeover, neither the USA nor anyone else is obliged to or can defend. We South Koreans didn't know Moon would be doing the things listed in this article. We are extremely worried.

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Moon's supporters, and many former supporters of Moon, are now gkrls having voted him for the president. I have no concern korean girls 13021 South Korea. Ask any member of our military who served there and they boys kissing with tongue tell you that South Koreans hate the American presence.

I say let them do what they want with NO American involvement.

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That's why it is korean girls 13021 for American government officials to ramble on about "our friends and allies"! Bill, hope you know that there are lots of pro-Americans in South Korea. People with hateful thoughts seemed to raise their voice louder. Yes, unfortunately there are some fools in S.

Korea tricked into socialism and express hateful things towards Korean girls 13021 or foreigners. Either way, it does not warrant our colchester girl fucking defense of South Korea.

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The high cost yirls defending them is simply too high. I spent several korean girls 13021 in Korea and korean girls 13021 there are a minority that do not like America or the US military but the vast majority love our military being there and greatly fear that Moon will pressure the US to withdraw.

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