NASA Hubble Space Telescope : A Closer Look At The Eagle Nebula

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The Eagle Nebula A view from the Hubble Space Telescope : Images Copyright NASA/ESA

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Space Videos says:

Hope you like the view of the Eagle Nebula – If you do, please share this video with others – thank you.

Black Wolf says:

Wunderschönes Vidio

nikhil srinivasan says:

i have so many questions

Barbara Sinisi says:

Oh my god !!!

Debbie Sharon says:

Why does the Hubble telescope videos never show any satellites either?

Ani Vasion says:

We may never get there as a species and this pales to what to what it would be to travel there…but I feel pretty privileged to get to see images such as these anyway. I hope our species gets past its animalistic ways and one day this is known as the dark ages from our space travelling progeny.

William Adon says:

how many light years away is it????

silvia cristina silva says:

Bright blue…!!

CleitonBorges318 Divino says:

Fantastic God bless

DIY Solar and Wind says:

Super amazing

Алекс Майборода says:

Может я задам глупый вопрос. Но все же, почему Хабл показывает нам такие красочные фото далёких галактик и в тоже время фото например урана размытое Г….

Алексей Холод says:

The cosmo is a pure beauty. Just out of my mind, but I am getting more and more exciting!

BOSS.V.I.P. says:

Go on get closer

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