NASA is sending Helicopter to Mars!! Smart or Silly?

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I gotta admit, when I first saw this I thought it wasnt possible!!

Pawing through the numbers it looks like this might be accessible. Although having crashed LOTS of aircraft, Im still very skeptical this thing will have a long life on Mars!

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Thunderf00t says:

as coryman125 points out below. The reason for the tether is to simulate martian gravity. Its obvious when you think about it, but I missed it 🙁

Otherwise to get it to fly on Earth you need 3x the power, and that will never happen. Putting a motor on a drone 3x as powerful would turn it from a helicopter into a stunt helicopter!

Bungalo Bill says:

Wasn't it NASA that claimed there was intelligent life in Jersey???

Al Draws says:

Clearly thunderfoot hasn't heard about NASA's scramjet RC technology :^). CLEARLY :^)))))).

Bungalo Bill says:

And hang gliders to the moooooonnnnnnn!!!!…….Alice

José Ignacio Marín says:

wonder if they could make it fly it by night… make the thingie hottest while it's coldest…

Trajan Augustus says:

Well, you were spot on about the rovers so I expect you'll be right yet again. Too bad you weren't in the room when they pitched the Spirit and Opportunity missions; you could have talked sense into them. I think its that British optimism and "can do" spirit. Its that very same spirit that put the Union Jack on the moon!

Serg Kulik says:

Staged by NASA – it's obvious even before it gets to talking about Musk. The war for money has started.

Between Lines says:

could they use a rover as a charging/insulation platform where it flies to every night? then drive the rover around to change the position

Corey Taylor says:

elon musk has done everything he has said he was going to do, give the guy credit where its due man.

yes solar panels are stupid, but they could easily be replied with nuclear reactors and radiation shields do exist. those are just concepts he showed

gundamzerostrike says:

TF knows more than NASA. Yeaaaaaah…

tony sales says:

it is smart – but no matter how much you chortle – you will not become as smart as nasa.

Jaerdin Spader says:

Why wouldn't they use a dome shaped solar panel? Or flexible panels stuck all over the thing?

fn0rd99 says:

I watched this 15 times.

Fco X says:

alguien que hable español? por que la helice no pueden estar hechas de panel solar? eso no ayudaria con la superficie necesaria por cubrir?

Tim Pize says:

Such a small device, I guess they can probably send a bunch of those in case they crash too rapidly. In any case it'll be fun to see.

Trevor Welsby says:

What is the advantage of flying versus driving on Mars? What are these 'high rewards'.

Benom8 says:

Sets flat-plate airfoil to 45 degrees AoA. Seems legit…

TheMinimumPC says:

Blimp type drones would be much better for Titan. They would just float for no energy at all, then you can just steer it using low power propellers or an even lower power sail

Mister Misanthrope says:

It's stupid, expensive, and too complicated for the conditions. If they wanted something that could fly, then they would better off sending something far cheaper, simple by comparison, and in higher numbers. Small blimps is the ticket.

Chi Pa Pa says:

People have high ambitions but not enough know how.

Konstantin says:

What will happen to that thing when sand storm blows?

Yorick says:

Actually an airplane (called Electro.Aero) recently passed flight certification. It's only gonna be used for training though and has got a very limited range.

Elektrolux FPV says:

Thunderfoot, you are such an hairy dude… (check @16:10… hair stuck on the nose of your fpv plane!)

Anomic Anchorite says:

Hydrogen can't ignite in the Martian atmosphere so why not wait a few more years until we can make a graphene airship? It would only need enough energy for propulsion and steering, not lift, and the graphene skin can be made to generate photovoltaic energy. Its service life is only limited by its ability to stay inflated. It could be even be fitted with a winch to deploy a collector and deliver the sample payloads to equipment on the lander for analysis, which could also be fitted with hydrogen generators to top off the craft via an umbilical tether.

Kap pa says:

If I remember right one of the first rovers got stuck on the airbags and managed the get unstuck, which explains why the third one was totally different on landing.

Patch King says:

Could you fly a drone inside Jupiter?

Ashardalon Dragnipurake says:

the dust is going to ruin it
those fans wont turn after a week at best

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