NASA Juno Mission Extended

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In this episode, NASA extends Juno’s mission to Jupiter, a mission that has shown us some amazing features of the largest planet in our solar system and is also teaching us a lot about what lies beneath those stunning cloud formations.

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pipertripp says:

Glad to hear that the mission will last quite a bit longer. Any speculation about the delta on measured radiation vs predicted? Has this changed since the Galileo mission or did Galileo not make detailed measurements of the radiation belts?

Also, love the animation of Juno orbiting where after the second pass it looks like it gets ejected from the Jovian system.

Appa Rao Dasari says:

I don't know English properly. Is there any use with Juno ? Simply watching the video' s won't fetch us . If you know about the formation of Stars , Planets , Satellites , Asteroids and Galaxies , you will get an idea , about what to do , or how to do . If you don't know about the formation of the Universe , you will know only about the properties , quantities and qualities .

Tony G says:

In the last year, they should scan the moons.

Filip Ve says:

"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going"
good going Juno 🙂

Ocean McIntyre says:

JunoCam isn't operated by The Planetary Society. Although it is used heavily as a public outreach camera, it is completely unconnected with TPS, and is being managed by NASA, JPL and SwRI.

Björn Larsson says:

Space radiation pessimists have been proven wrong again. Let's go to Mars!
Since Juno has opened more questions than it has answered, the follow up mission should be named Donno.
A public JPL-lecture by a baffled science mission leader:

Upcycle Electronics says:

Feel free to share more cool images like you had here from Juno cam. I rarely take the time to surf the web for such things. I watch a few channels like this on YT for a nice break every once in awhile throughout my day, but I'm usually off to play with or learn about some project quickly thereafter. It probably seems pointless to upload a bunch of images anyone can simply find on the web, but honestly I just don't want to go down that rabbit hole. I want to check in with a few CC's and see what they are sharing and then move on to other interests. I really appreciate when you share whatever simple thing you come across that's interesting 😉

Roger Wilco says:

Is it possible to send a rover to Io? ..In one of the colder areas maybe?

Christian Ready says:

Great news about Juno! And congrats on 200k subs!

fernysyoutube says:

Thanks for the update Tony

Inter dictor says:

Congrats on 200k!

Maiaer says:

Great News !!!

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