NASA ScienceCasts New InSight into the Red Planet

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We’ve always referred to Mars as the red planet because of its surface color. But what’s below that dusty crust? NASA’s InSight mission is determined to find out.

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Music by Keving Macleod


Kelly Kurt says:

Geologically interesting, and subjectively pleasing. Trade killing 10,000 innocent, mid-eastern civilians, and spend that money on understanding our reality.

houssem gamer says:

من يشترك في قناتي اردها بالفور

Abdullah *** says:

NASA is dha feke

everton zp says:

Please explain to me how it's possible for a piece of hardware just by sitting on the ground be able to detail so many info about the core of a planet, like thickness of mantle, size of the core and etc. I'm wonder how it's possible but I can't wrap my brain around this, I'm lay on the subject

Mastercrap 42123 says:

Pretty cool info


Melhor canal

Zuzana Miškufová says:

Will we find Dame Tu Cosita?

Ugo Spirit says:

NASA is an inside job. Mars does not exist, wake up people. Pray to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Baraka Obama says:

Why not go back to the Moon?

eddie williams says:

Nasa is a joke. Zero credibility and people are waking up to it.

marvin martin says:

Warning! Stay away from mars!

Ihsan Kurnia says:

Damn his voice 😎

the one who sees the truth 123 says:

Do they really believe all this s*** they tell us that we think it's true. They don't even know what earth is made up of, it's all just a theory.. we have only been seven and a half miles deep in our planet. This is just a way to spend millions of dollars and fool the public like NASA has always done. If you think that we have anything on Mars you must be stupid as NASA thinks you are. The only Rover they have is in Greenland and there are plenty of pictures on the internet to prove it.

Levent Özdemir says:

bi bok anladıysam arap olum çünkü ingilizce bilmiyorum ha ha ha:

Josue Moncada says:

Love science ❤️

userwl2850 says:

At 1.17….. he's turning green…. you won't like him when he's angry. 😉


id rather explore uranus

Siri Erieott says:

Didn’t know a cousin of Barry White now do NASA voice-overs. Lovely voice, easy to hear and understand.

Mo asif azmi says:

• Hehehe bhai tu to video se hi lakhpati ban gya hoga 😂😂😂😂😂😂

HB says:

I knew this had to be done through seismic waves! And now it's happening

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