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New Haven girls bored in your dorm Want Teen Fuck

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New Haven girls bored in your dorm

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January edited January in College Life. Ok, basic info: I'm a girl, a freshman. I'm pretty quiet and shy, but still friendly.

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I've made a lot of acquaintances, but not many new friends. It just takes me a while to build really close friendships with people. Luckily, a lot of high school friends attend my college, so I still see them sometimes Not totally a big deal, new Haven girls bored in your dorm I'm an introvert and do enjoy alone time. However, I've been dealing with too much alone time lately and I fear I'm starting to lose my sanity.

New Haven girls bored in your dorm Look For Horny People

I hate weekends in my college town. There's nothing to do Most people go to parties or the dance halls. Long-story-short, that's just not my thing. I went home most weekends last semester only live an hour and a half awayexcept blred there were football games.

After a few hours of fun at the game on Saturday, I literally only left my dorm room to find food and go to church, which is in walking distance. I don't have a car, so men seeking women in Casper Wyoming greatly adds to my boredom.

Not that dork much in this town I'd like to do anyway, except maybe go to the movies or the mall. I'm going to stay new Haven girls bored in your dorm campus more often this semester because I'm taking more hours and need to bring up my gpa.

So yeah, any new Haven girls bored in your dorm on how to break the boredom? It's weird though, I don't do anything when I go home either, but I'm not bored Havfn.

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I guess because at home, I can walk from my room to the kitchen to the living room or step outside and chill with my cats and dog. But at college, I'm stuck in this one room. I have DVDs that I watch, but that gets old boded. Study, obviously, but not all day.

Terribly bored on weekends — College Confidential

I don't know nw to do anymore. Is anyone else in my boat? January edited January Post edited by LovesAnimals on January Replies to: Terribly bored on weekends. January I kinda feel the same way.

On the weekends I usually hit the gym, watch some TV, and play new Haven girls bored in your dorm, but it gets boring pretty quick. Go out and party! You dont have to drink and smoke Youll have a fun time and meet people. You could try having a craigslist lasvegas personals night with some of the other nonPartiers in yirls dorm or joining clubs. Because of my freakishly fast metabolism, I lost weight last semester simply from walking to and from class.

My doctor said I have to eat four meals a day. I just don't enjoy the party environment.

How to Turn Your Dorm Room Into a New Friend Magnet | Her Campus

I'd feel really uncomfortable because I don't like crowds or loudness. They're just not for me. I prefer small, more personal events, like just hanging out with a small group of friends, watching movies or playing games or. Also, I've joined one club.

May join more this semester. So hopefully I'll meet other people like me.

New Haven girls bored in your dorm

bew If you love animals then you should join your uni's animal welfare club if you have one. There are probably other people in your dorm that don't like partying - find them!

Watch movies, cook, even doing homework on weekends isn't bad when you're not. And definitely join another club or two!

Watch some episodes on your computer.

Search Horny People New Haven girls bored in your dorm

Can you get a job that requires weekend nights sometimes? Our late-night student grills or dkrm love non-drunk students who can work there on the regular. I second the "get-a-weekend-job" idea!

There's TONS of restaurants on-campus who need people to work late weekend nights especially fast food. You'll kill the boredom AND make money! Plus, co-workers are awesome people to hang out and converse with when you're working. You won't believe how quickly a 4-hr shift ends when you're working a job that keeps you on your feet. Aside from that, new Haven girls bored in your dorm your BEST to find people like you.

I know it's not easy avoiding the huge party scene and stuff, but I guarantee you there are people who you would "click" with right away on your campus.

All you have to do is find. More advice: DON'T be stuck in your own room. If it's a weekend night and you've got nothing to do, just walk around your dorm and look at what people are doing.

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If someone's alone, flirting girl strike up a conversation, it'll end up in you two hanging. It can be as easy as walking gour to them and going "Nce shirt! My brother has the same one I've never seen you around before, do you live on this floor?! Something random like. Take-home message: Don't give up and hang in.

It only gets better if you keep trying. Bayhawk replies 4 threads Registered User Junior Jn. Joining a service new Haven girls bored in your dorm should kill two birds with one stone.

Volunteering regularly will give you something to do on weekends and an opportunity to make friends. Thanks for the advice everyone!

A job is probably not possible for me at this point. No car also I should probably get my license first, so yeah, haha. While it is a small town and I could walk or bus to work, I'd just think new Haven girls bored in your dorm car would be easier. So maybe next year.

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And also I need to focus real shemale sex studying this semester. Also, the open house where we can check out clubs is tomorrow, so I was gonna go look. I'm Havn one club girlx But I'll try a little harder And the next time my dorm has a movie night or something, I'll try to talk to others more and find people like me. I think I realized my problem isn't that there's nothing to. It's just that there's no one to do nothing with, y'know I wouldn't mind just new Haven girls bored in your dorm with a DVD or playing Wii with a friend or friends.

It's just I hope I'm not coming off sexy women with sexy men picky or snobby, but I haven't met many people who like the same things I. Like shows and movies and things. I know friends can have different interests, but it's still nice to have something in common.

Last night for example, my friend from high school invited me to a hockey game and the movies with two of her friends from an organization she's in. They were very nice girls, don't get me wrong.

But we had nothing to talk. Most girls at my college are like that, in terms of what they watch and do for fun, and I'm not a typical girl like that I'm an oddball but I know I can't be the gay street sydney one here, lol. I just wish there was a "People who love Disney movies and boed and don't like partying and need friends" club But I'll just have to keep trying.

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Thanks again for all the advice.