New JWST Launch Date, Budget Set By NASA

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In this episode, the verdict is in. After reading and responding to the independent review of the James Webb Space Telescope mission, NASA announced today a new launch date and an updated cost analysis. It looks like JWST will launch on March 30, 2021 and will cost an additional billion dollars, bringing the total cost of the mission to 9.5 billion dollars.

Read the Independent Review Board Report and NASA’s response here:

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Alexander Reinders says:

Do you remember the "TROUBLE WITH HUBBLE"? We will finish this project to success! JWST will be more successful then ever expected! GO NASA ESA CSA!!!!!!

David Sims says:

2:30. "…social unrest." Uh-huh. Haiti has that problem, too.

Alexis Despland says:

is it true thatresais planing to retirearianne lauch system.

Samuel Westknee says:

how about we scrap that early 2000's tech and take full -8.0 bill loss now and plan something from scratch with todays tech for year 2035+… because that would be more realistic (and probably cheaper too -even with -8.0bill starting cost) than expecting JWST lauch before that date

Peter Negan says:

cashcow rocket… so many will die before jwstis launched. sad face

BlackEpyon says:

We'd be wasting far MORE money if they canceled the project. And unlike Hubble, this is a one-shot deal. We can't go up and fix it, so we HAVE to get it right the first time.

Peter Francis says:

JWST Launch Date


colin Paterson says:

By the time it lauches I will be 6 foot under.

Little Cripple says:

2021 is code for 2120. I know how the JWST team thinks.

Little Cripple says:

Two words. Holy shit!!

Markle2k says:

What I want to know is how can we make it happen Let's Go! Let's do it.

adz929 says:

I'd argue that JWST is far more important than an aircraft carrier you clearly do not need.

Chris Marshall says:

Very disappointing that there is yet another delay and NG benefit from it as they are on a cost-plus contract. I certainly hope that NO future spacecraft are created using these types of contracts as there is no incentive for NG to even try to control the spiraling costs as they get paid no matter what happens.

Yes this is a complex spacecraft but everyone knew that from the beginning

listen2meokidoki says:

There is the building cost and then there is the running cost of an aircraft carrier. Don't forget. So long as JWT gives meaningful results before I die. So 2021 may already be too late!

Zurround100 says:

is this guy out of his mind? Aircraft carries are VERY important. They help kill other humans on a massive scale by transporting airplanes that are loaded with missiles and bombs. All that silly telescope is good for is exploring and learning about the universe. You cannot kill one lousy person with that silly telescope. This guys priorities are way out of wack.

Subi_fan says:

Just give it to chinese, it'll be complete by end of the year…

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