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Prostitute in prague

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Czech culture, travel, community. Use the message boards to discuss topics on Prague and the Czech Republic.

SovagementricxsDanaMy Czech Republic. Skip to content. Quick links.

If your post does not fit into any of the forums above, this is where it should go. And not just in Prague.

I know that when I moved from Czech three years ago the police were still occasionally arresting German prostitutte touists and raiding brothels. This was in the city of Plzen.

Maybe it is different in Prague but I think nationaly it prostitute in prague still illegal. There was a movement a few months age to legalise prostitution but there was a big outcry against it, especially from abroad that I think it was put aside although I could be worng. I think prostitte times prostitute in prague police just look the other way as with many other crimes, unfortunatly so it may seem legal.

This was the case in Cesky Decin where near the German Border where there are many children foced into prostitution. A foregin news agency Iowa slut or French, I cant remember exactly came and did an undercover report about this which actually showed little boys being raped by sex tourists and when confromted with this the police in the region just turned the other way and basically said " we proostitute do nothing".

prostitute in prague

prostitute in prague So, I dont think it's leagal but it probably seems like it due to the lack of law enforcement. Maybe you'll encounter a few hookers in the city center but there are definitely NOT many of.

I am visiting Prague and waws wondering if there are many prostitutes as many people i have spoken to say there are. They were clearly prostitute in prague Escort sydney cim or if they were they were romanies. There was always a policeman in the area mainly I think becasue they make more prostitute in prague as pick pockets which is the main personal security issue in Praha like every major city on earth.

I have only prostitute in prague had one attempt to pick my pocket and that was a romany hooker prauge an early morning walk who tried to bump into me asking for a light. Needless to say she got pushed away PDQ.

This is not a suggestion that you praguue hookers around as they often have a minder close by. This was a one off and yes it happens but I wouldn't worry any more than if i were in central London, infact. Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into prostitute in prague engines.

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