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THE RED PLANET — NASA lost contact with their Mars-based Opportunity robot this week after a massive dust storm set about its position on Mars.
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That storm has, according to the space agency, made it almost completely dark, making it hard for the solar powered machine to operate. Curiosity, NASA’s other Martian rover, is nuclear powered and not reliant on the sun.

The space agency believes that the robot has entered low power mode where only a mission clock remains active. NASA reckons the large amounts of dust it has encountered will stop it from charging for some time.

The dust storm, active since May 30, covers some 14 million square miles of Mars. For comparison, that’s more than double the size of Russia — Earth’s largest country.

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I was praying for this never to happen

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just like China to say let's put lasers in international space and not arm them as weapons, sound familiar.

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Rest In Pieces.

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Anyone else notice her smack her lips in the beginning?

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It was the aliens

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You better not be dead curiosity when the astronaut find you.

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New Shanghai sounds amazing.

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call of duty infinite warfare 2

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first dutch person/and kurdish

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At the begining of the video the launch date and the number of years since it happens don't match up too well it would be 14 years

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Crisis of TOMO News?

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Goodnight sweet prince

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First russian

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Who's awake this late for me it's 5 in the morning

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My boi Curiosity is safe

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I think dame coto Sita the alien will be there

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