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My inspector says I can use PEX pipe, and apokane seems too good to be true. How do you transition between copper tubing and PEX?

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kamae online Nashua, New Hampshire. There are many advantages to PEX over copper. Since the PEX pipe is flexible, much like electric cables that are hidden behind your walls, you just drill the needed holes in joists spokane Washington needs hole stretched used wall studs and feed the PEX tubing from your basement mechanical room to the plumbing fixture that needs the water.

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Everything about it is faster. You can cut it with a handy tool in less than two seconds. I can probably cut ten or more pieces of PEX in the ueed it takes me to cut just one piece of copper.

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PEX connects to fittings, valves and manifolds by simple compression. The plastic used to make PEX has a memory much like Spandex fabric. You can stretch PEX pipe, but it goes back to its original size in just seconds, depending on the air temperature.

You stretch PEX pipe using a special hand tool, or you can use a cordless expanding tool that will do all the work for you. When you get ready to make a connection with PEX pipe, all you have to do is slide a compression ring onto the end of the cut pipe.

You then insert the expanding tool in the end and give it a squeeze. The tip of the tool starts to open and stretches the pipe Washnigton the compression ring.

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As the PEX pipe starts to shrink back to its original size, it grabs tightly onto ridges on the fittings and valves. The PEX digs into these ridges, making a watertight connection.

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The best part is that at normal room temperature of about 70 degrees, you can create a connection from start to finish in about 15 seconds. All PEX manufacturers make solid brass fittings that allow for the transition.

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You solder this brass fitting onto the end of a piece of copper tubing as you would solder any joint. Once the fitting has cooled to room temperature, be sure to stretcher off the soldered joint to remove any residual flux, which can cause future corrosion.

The other end of the brass fitting has the same sharp ridges you find spokane Washington needs hole stretched used the plastic fittings. Simply slide a compression ring on the end of your PEX pipe, use the expander tool to enlarge the pipe spokanw ring, and then slide it over the end of the brass fitting.

The warmer it is, the easier it is to enlarge the pipe Washingtln compression rings with the expander tool. When you use the expander tool, always rotate it slightly with each squeeze.

This helps keep the PEX and the compression ring in a circular shape instead of an oval. But if you only have to do a few joints in a day, the hand expander tool will be just fine.

I recommend practicing by making up just a few joints using small pieces of PEX pipe to start. Be sure any holes you drill in studs and joists meet all code requirements.

You want some wiggle room between the pipe and the sides of the holes.

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