The New Astronomy: Crash Course History of Science #13

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This week on Crash Course: History of the Scientific Revolution—astronomical anomalies accrued. Meanwhile, in Denmark—an eccentric rich dude constructed not one but two science castles! And his humble German assistant synthesized a lot of new, old, and bold astronomical ideas into a single sun-centered, eccentricity-positive system…


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mitokyo says:

Not Johnny?

pirate1234567891 says:

That makes Tycho Brahe a really hilarious combination of Pinocchio and the Hulk

Lon Bonner says:

At first I thought that was Rick Grimes in the thumbnail lol

Lunanime Animations says:

Why don't you make course on geology

Weedmoose Hecarim says:

For some reason after hearing about Tycho's nose incidents I can't get the picture out of my head of Michael Jackson throwing his nose at haters

Justin Huberts says:

Has Simon Stevin been mentioned yet?

SQW0 says:

It makes me wonder, among the flat Earth crowd who are so convinced of their name sake, how many also believe Earth is still the center of the solar system? Have these people been keeping their belief secret from their more scientifically minded flat Earth peers? Why hasn't there been a Earth Center movement in the US?

Johannes Høstrup says:

Level your goddam sound effects! This channel is the primary reason for my hearing-loss!!!!

Geoffrey Winn says:

Cool video!

Budget Hitman says:

Wasnt Tycho Brahe the drummer for Bon Jovi?

Hydra says:

All you need now to make this the Ultimate Learning Channel is #1 Get some Vsause who teaches Science & Technology, #2 Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, one of the greatest minds for learning math from Kindergarten-Collage, Anyways I hope you Really consider doing this, Or at Least doing a Collab! Well that's all, Love you vids!! Much love <3 <3

Karl Young says:

Uh oh my nose is feeling loose… Galileo didn’t show that bodies fall at a uniform rate but at a uniform acceleration…

Terézia Marková says:

Galileo's theories were, however, considered flawed, especially mathematically. Then there's the fact that he not only denounced geocentrism, theory favored by church, but ridiculed church for supporting it. In fact, I would go so far as to claim his biggest contributions were to earthly physics, not astronomy…

Benjamin Arvizu says:

Is there any way to get all these videos on dvd or sale online?

Dioxid says:

10/10 pronouncing Stuttgart, 2/10 Tübingen :p

Noonycurt says:

Galileo! (Galileo!) Galileo! (Galileo!) Galileo Figaro! (Magnifico!)

Anthenor Jr says:

Where is the 11 and 12 episodes? Not on the list!!!

Francois Lacombe says:

You should have specified that Galileo did not recognize Neptune as a new planet. He just thought it was an ordinary star and recorded its position near Jupiter during one of his many observations of Jupiter's moons.

Ziom Krzysztof says:

I think we should always use pizza to explain complex scientific ideas. It would make people pay attention.

There's this great video of John Oliver trying to explain to random people how the data Snowden leaked shows the government can spy on them (nobody cared), and then explain the same thing again in the context of "how does that technology help the government steal pictures of your junk", to which the same people reacted much more strongly, now that it was a real thing they could comprehend and now just a mysterious acronym.

Blood Fire Drake says:

so they gave only 3 episodes to eastern advances?

potato srh says:

Please keep doing this forever ♥

Bronk Tug says:

You know nothing of astrology pleb

jonathan matias says:

The only reason why I know tycho brahe is because of Sam o'nella

Daniyar Ibraimov says:

Where is John Green????

Popinjay Foolatum says:

There might be something in Nadi astrology.

Kemon : La Science Musicale says:

It seems to be really complicated

Bilbo Baggins says:

As a student in Tübingen, I have to admit, there is actually a lot of binging going on here

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