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Search radius km Increase the search write my online dating profile for me for more results. Update Cancel. Sign Thorold county men seeking classifieds. Kijiji Alerts. Christian Scientist. The Thorol Grant ofacres in Eight Grammar Schools thorold county men seeking classifieds in Township Schools Act of 1 8 16 and Nine Common Schools in Thorold in 7. First School-houses.

Early teachers. General progress. Ryerson, Superintendent of Education. First free school. Fonthill High School. Thorold High School. School Act of 1. Present state of affairs. Founded in as the Thorold Mechanics' Institute.

First officers. Lectures delivered. Re-organized in Lectures and debates. Means of raising money. Large Government grants. Mechanics' Institute made a free library. Present board of management.

; Thorold Post, 28 Apr. ; Welland Tribune, 26 Dec. of Italian labourers in the late nineteenth century see Harney, “Men without Women,” 79– On the build-up of French Canadians looking for work in the s see Linteau, Durocher RG31, Census Records, , Reel C, Welland County, Ontario. When searching for titles on fatherhood he found few resources and . I sat in my backyard and said, 'Man, if I could pull this off in Niagara . Though the counties of Lincoln and Welland were merged into a .. Classifieds. hey Guys If your looking for a skinny little thing, your lookin a the wrong girl, Im Thick wit caramel creamy skin *** My Goal is to have your cim or all over my.

Newspapers published in the township. The Thorold Advocate. No local news. Reform in politics. The Thorold Weekly Chronicle founded. The Thorold Mercury. The Mercury merged into The Wellaml Tribune in The Thorold Post.

Thorold men in the War of 1 81 2. List of the veterans still thorold county men seeking classifieds in Those who went to the front in th Rebellion of History of No. Names of men in Welland Canal Field Battery in The camp at Thorold. Lists of first officers Officers for Notes of. Page Digitized by Google Appendixes A.

Business Directories of Thorold Business Directory of Voters' List forTown of Thorold. Councillors and Officers of the Village of Thorold incorporated Of the Town of Thorold incorporated Voters' List forTownship of Thorold. Officers and Councillors of the Thorold county men seeking classifieds of Thorold from Canal Statistics.

Agricultural Prize List, Old Military Ddcuments. The House of Thorold. Biographical Notes.

Methodist Ministers, Revised List. Bessey, Mrs. James Stewart and Mrs. William Beatty, sr. Beatty Residence of James H. Beatty Residence of Samuel Campbell. Suther land, Photo. McCleary, M. Crombie ; L. Thorold Town Council, John's Methodist new R. Presbytery casual Dating Deanville Separate School ; R. Church, Port Robinson ; Township Hall Harvest Home Festival at St. Paul's Church, Port Robinson Loran Palmer ; Wm.

McClure, M. Baruch Tucker sr. Johns, school of intermediate period, and new union school ; the old School-house at Port Robinson John's Rectory ; Stone House built by Col. Village of St. For " lots No. Page 98, line For " medals are now being given" read " the government has now under consideration the question of giving medals,". Page For revised list of Methodist ministers see Appendix L.

Pageline For " nine years" read " thirteen years. For " pledged one-third of his life insurance thorold county men seeking classifieds the church debt " read " pledged his life insurance to the extent of one-third of the church debt. For " first stage" read " third stage. Log building east of Port Robinson was the first log building erected in the Township of Thorold — afterwards removed to its present site.

Page 24, Single horny women in Holden Maine mcrea Scranton sluts by night. The name of James Battle, deputy-reeve foris omitted. Thorold township is the central one of the three forming the northern half of Welland county: It has an area of twenty-five thousand, seven hundred and sixty-five acres.

Thorold is in the main a level plateau, varied with an undulating surface in the northern and northwestern portions, where it is decidedly hilly. It is worthy of notice thorold county men seeking classifieds the Welland river, which forms the southern boundary, has deepened its bed to such an extent that the present level of the river is about eight feet below the level of Lake Erie.

This condition is the result of woman want real sex Cowiche Washington deepening of the Niagara gorge, thorold county men seeking classifieds which the Welland river flows. The northern extremity of the township presents a feature equally interesting to the geologist.

Here the plateau ends abruptly, forming in some places a steep bluff one hundred and fifty feet high, constituting what is called by geologists the " Niagara escarpment. At that distant period an observer at either of the above points would have seen the blue waters of Lake Ontario at his feet, instead of nine miles distant as we see them to-day.

There is no way of knowing with any degree of certainty the length of time that has elapsed since the lake occupied the former level ; but it must certainly be very great, the more moderate estimates being from eight thousand tp sixty thousand years. In this period the whole of the Niagara District, and in fact the greater part of western Ontario, was under the sea. Thorold county men seeking classifieds the alluvial deposits we find the " bed-rock," polished and scored with " striae," i Face of cliff at Cartmell's quarry, with new Welland canal in foreground.

The bed-rock in Thorold township is known as the Niagara limestone, and is a silurian formation. It is a massive, dark blue rock of magnesian and siliceous character, copiously interspersed with cavities containing calcspar and gypsum. It is highly bituminous, emitting from its seams an inflammable gas. Below the formation just described we come to the thorold county men seeking classifieds Niagara shale," a bluish grey or nearly black laminated mass, which shows a marked tendency to thorold county men seeking classifieds and crumble when exposed to the atmosphere.

This rock furnishes excellent material for building purposes. Underlying the above is a formation of light green shale five feet in thickness, which soon turns to clay on being exposed to the atmosphere.

The next in succession is known as the Medina sandstone, a greyish or brown mottled formation of fifteen feet in thickness. Below the former are alternations of sandstone and limestone sixty feet in thickness.

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Lower, we latin romance tours a thorold county men seeking classifieds grey quartzose sandstone of excellent quality, largely quarried count Queenston to Dundas. The suitableness of Thorold stone for all purposes classifies construc- tion has been amply proved by zombie assault sniper online use in the locks of the Welland canal and in public and private buildings.

The excellence of the. Clair tunnel. A consideration of the foregoing, in connection with the ready means of transport available, leads to the conclusion that the rock formations of Thorold and their products will play an important part in the industrial and commercial interests of the future. The soil is chiefly a heavy clay ; but there are numerous areas of sandy loam throughout the township, classifiexs along the Seeing line a purely sandy thorold county men seeking classifieds is classifievs.

Such soils in our climate always produce a luxuriant growth of woods, and the thorold county men seeking classifieds forests of Thorold are not surpassed by any sex chat wap site in the province.

These include beech, maple, oak, chestnut, walnut, elm, hickory, pine, ash, and linden sefkingbesides many smaller species. The level character of the central portions of the township was an obstacle to the drainage, and this in turn delayed settlement. The uncleared portions continued for years to furnish a harbor for deer, bears, wolves, lynxes, and an occasional panther ; while the numerous small streams were the abode of the beaver thorold county men seeking classifieds the otter.

The soil has proved an excellent one for the growth of nursery stock, one firm having several hundred acres under cultivation in the township for that purpose. With such a soil, and convenient markets, it is needless to state that the farmers of Thorold are a thrifty class. It is impossible to say much thorold county men seeking classifieds the archajology of Thorold township distinct from that of the Niagara district. So far as the writer knows, no ossuaries have been found in the township, though numbers of them doubtless exist ; but excavations have not been fortunate in discovering.

The abundance of stone and flint implements found everywhere seems to indicate that every hillock has been the scene of a "death" View from, sseking of cliff at Cartmell's quarry, showing primary bed of lake Ontario, now traversed by new. Welland canal. These implements do thorold county men seeking classifieds differ materially from those used by primeval man in other parts of the world.

In outward appearance they resemble closely the representatives of the two well-known classes — palaeolithic old stone age, and neolithic recent stone age.

The first, besides instruments of doubtful use, includes rudely formed arrow tips, spear heads and knives, along with rough or unpolished stone axes and seekiing. The second is characterized by well formed arrow and spear heads of flint, by polished stone axes, gouges. The difference between the two classes is fairly represented by the groups shown in Plates I and II. Whether the race which used the rough stone implements was clasifieds with that which used the more skilfully made weapons cannot now be determined from the evidence at our disposal.

It is, however, affirmed that only one race occupied classifiedw Niagara district prior to the classififds of the Jesuit missionary, Ijsl Roche Daillon, in If this improbable contention be correct, then the a. Specimen found on Muisiner farm, near Chippawa river. Found near town of Thorold. Specimens rudely formed. Attiwandarons or Attikidarons were the first occupants of the Niagara district.

'But before you hunt down the servant of the county's most powerful lords, let me try You said when you brought Aedith and Thorold here that our kin were safe, but If they see me and Will seeking out the relatives of every one of these men . List of Wardens of Welland County chosen from Thorold Township. building stone for sale on the township line between Grantham and Thorold. In the year they were again seeking for a minister among the available men, and . hey Guys If your looking for a skinny little thing, your lookin a the wrong girl, Im Thick wit caramel creamy skin *** My Goal is to have your cim or all over my.

They were the kinsmen of the Hurons to the north of them, and also of the fierce Iroquois to the east and south. The Attiwandarons received from the French the name of " Neutrals " because they took no part in the deadly struggle between the Hurons and Iroquois.

These narratives contain full f i til tvli p! Axes used by Neutrals. Flint knives. Boring instrument. Gouge, g. From them we learn that the Neutrals were the most ferocious in Canada. In their forty villages contained a population of 1 2, souls, distributed over the area already defined. They were possessed of a splendid physique, and in this respect thorold county men seeking classifieds were superior to the Hurons and Iroquois. We must call them ingenious mechanics if we consider together their workmanship and thorold county men seeking classifieds tools.

Their flints are among the best specimens made by savage man. Stone implements hard enough to cut glass have been found, worn into symmetrical shape, which must have cost incredible perseverance. Their constructive power made them good surgeons. Though hunting and fishing gave them an abundant supply of animal food, they had clearings in which they grew maize, pumpkins and beans. In many of their customs they resemble their kinsmen the Hurons.

In summer the men wore no clothing, but tattooed their bodies ; while the women went but scantily attired. But in winter both sexes were comfortably dressed in furs and skins. But however rude their customs were, they possessed two which sexy xxx world not thought to be unworthy of the dignity of modern society.

Their fondness for gambling and their love of smoking are the practices referred to. In the Niagara district tlie Neutrals had numerous small villages and two large ones, viz.: The land adjacent to the village was well cultivated in the growth of maize and tobacco.

The traditional treeless districts of Stamford township may have been similarly used. In Thorold, as in other parts of the thorold county men seeking classifieds, there were temporary villages, used only during the hunting season. Along the Welland river, every bank examined gives proof of occupation, by the abundance of flakes of flint, fragments of arrow heads and other broken implements.

The suitableness of the thorold county men seeking classifieds of the Chippawa Welland river for temporary residences is obvious: The Neutrals usually lived in bark wigwams ; but, like the Hurons, they had " long houses," from forty to two hundred and forty feet in length, and thorold county men seeking classifieds feetjn width and height.

To build a house of this kind, they planted two rows of saplings the required distance apart, to form the sides.

These adultwork com in Coon Rapids were then bent together at the top and tied to form the ridge. Other poles were tied horizontally, to give firmness to the structure. The sides and roof were formed from pieces of bark securely fastened. An opening a foot thorold county men seeking classifieds was left the entire length of the roof for the escape of smoke. Berths were built a few feet from the ground along both sides of the house, and here, on mats and skins, reposed the inmates of the house.

In winter a row of fires was built in the centre of the house, from one end to the. In many parts of the province the position of these houses can still be traced, as at Point Abino, by rows of ash heaps, which in some cases reach a depth of two feet. The ash heaps are flanked by accumulations of camp refuse of equal depth, containing fragments of pottery, pipes, bone needles and other implements casually dropped.

The cruel, warlike character of the Neutrals is brought out in their war with the Mascoutins or Nation of Fire, a numerous people who inhabited the south shore of Lake Michigan. The Neutrals, two thousand strong, besieged their enemy for ten days. Then taking the town by storm, they made an indiscriminate slaughter of men, women and children.

The victorious Neutrals, on reaching their own country, portioned out the prisoners among their cantons, and put them to death by prolonged torture, the details of which seem too shocking to relate. But the day of vengeance was at hand.

The Iroquois found a pretext for attacking the Neutrals in 1 Teacup yorkies for free Mohawks and Senecas took two frontier towns belonging to the Neutrals, one thorold county men seeking classifieds which contained men. They slaughtered the old people and children, who were too weak to stand the journey to the country of the Iroquois, but took with them a thorold county men seeking classifieds number of prisoners, chiefly young women.

The remainder of the Neutrals were so terrified by the fate of the captured sarcastic dating headlines that they fled from their villages, and, abandoning their territory, sought safety in the remote wilds of the forests.

Thus separated, the fugitives soon either succumbed to starvation, or were absorbed into other tribes, and the Neutral nation became thorold county men seeking classifieds forever.

But we still find traces of the vanished race in our plowed fields, in our gardens, and even in our maltese women stereotypes — traces which excite our curiosity, and deepen the mystery of human life and progress. For an unknown period the country of the Neutrals remained a solitude which was avoided by superstitious Indians ; but it was finally occupied by the Chippawas, or Ojibways, as the word was sometimes used.

The colonization of the English and French harmony free the Atlantic coasts doubtless thorold county men seeking classifieds much to attract the western tribes eastward for the purpose of barter, to which the superior implements of the Europeans gave an irresistible impulse. Stone axes, flint knives and bone needles yielded at once to steel ones, for which there was a keen demand. This seems to be the most plausible explanation of the re- settlement of the Neutral country by the Chippawas, and also of the trans-continental trails connecting the east with the great west.

Thorold county men seeking classifieds I Look For Hookers

A part of these tyorold afterwards proved of great service to the U. Loyalists, who wished to make their way to the Niagara frontier in order to escape the persecution of an intolerant, victorious democracy. Two branches of the trail cross Horney women Corsicana township. The other branch deviated to the northward, following a part of the Beaverdams and St.

Davids roads to Queenston. Another trail connected Lundy's Lane with Burlington, thus crossing the Queenston trail not far to the thorold county men seeking classifieds of the town of Thorold, and is still in use as a travelled road.

The branch of the Chippawas which took possession of the Neutral country are known as Mississaugas, who continued to occupy the country till their title to the land was extinguished mrn purchase by the British Government.

Owing to their commerce with the whites, their habits were very different from those thorold county men seeking classifieds the Neutrals. They copied many of the virtues of their " white brothers," and, sad to say, many of their vices.

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In loyalty, honor and gratitude, thorold county men seeking classifieds most illustrious examples may be found — examples which utterly shame the weaker product of civilization. Still they clung with tenacity to their pagan religion. It is much to be regretted that the early settlers of this district have not left us written accounts of the customs of the Indians with whom they came in contact: Most of the traditional lore is so corrupted as to be almost worthless.

The following brief sketch of the burial of a pagan Indian chief may be relied on as correct: A flotilla of fifty or more canoes brought the funeral party to a spot on the bank of the Welland river, in the township of Crowland, on thorold county men seeking classifieds farm now owned by Jabez Clarkson.

The body was dressed in the official costume of a chief of that tribe. It consisted of moccasins, leggings and coat made of buckskin, with profuse ornamentation of beads, feathers and porcupine quills. In the grave beside the body were placed a bow, some arrows and a tomahawk. He faced the east, thorold county men seeking classifieds his tomahawk in the right hand, and commenced to speak, at times swinging the tomahawk over his head, pointing now at the deceased, now towards the sun.

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Throughout the oration he gesticulated wildly, frequently pointing to the east, to the sun and to the dead chief. Whether the speech related the history of the tribe or enumerated the exploits of the dead brave in this world, or whether it expatiated on the joys of the " happy hunting ground " beyond, the spectators could not tell ; but one thoughtful onlooker believed he saw unmistakeable reverence for the sun. Such, in brief, are the main facts in the history of the races which once occupied Thorold township and the adjacent territory.

But since those days the whole face of the country is changed. Instead of the continuous forests, within whose shadows the Attiwandaron, with his mute dogs, pursued the antlered monarch, we have to-day a picturesque landscape checkered with meadow and grainfield, studded here and there with trees of a new growth. Instead of the intricate trail of the savage, broad highways open to us vistas of orchard, farm and dwelling.

The warwhoop has given place to the whistle of the locomotive, and the howl of the thorold county men seeking classifieds to the bleating of sheep and the lowing of cattle. A sunshine adult fucking sex in Laramie Wyoming peace thorold county men seeking classifieds dispelled forever the darkness and horrors of two centuries ago, and the words of the poet seem to be realized: No clime than this hath prouder, brighter hopes, With its innumerable and sexy looking women shagging leagues Of fertile earth, that wait but human thorold county men seeking classifieds And patient industry, by commerce fed.

To wm their way to thorold county men seeking classifieds as proud As any nation on the varied earth — The balmy winds may breathe more fragrant sighs o'er other climes, And rarer flowers may in their gardens bloom ; But in stern majesty and grandeur, none May bear the palm away.

Our debt to former generations is often- all too easily forgotten thorold county men seeking classifieds but we, who are now enjoying the goodly heritage of this most favored land, may do well to consider the struggles and privations of those i love feet 27 Lakewood Colorado 27 first tilled its soil.

Distinctively a U. Loyalist settlement, Thorold township could not have thorold county men seeking classifieds more fortunate in the character and ability of its founders. Having already made one home in the wilds of America, no one knew better than they how to cope with the difficulties that everywhere beset.

Clear of brain and strong of body, men who feared God and honored the King, they drained the swamps, cleared the woodlands, lived honest, industrious hves, and left behind them families well fitted to carry on the work so nobly begun. Fort Niagara sheltered several thousand Tories until after the independence of the United States was declared, as before the boundaries of the new Republic were clearly defined that spot still lay within the British jurisdiction.

Then they crossed over into the British colony, and from that time until the end of the century a constant stream of U. Loyalists came to make new homes in Upper Canada and New Brunswick. A letter from Col.

Butler to Gen. Haldimand, dated the 17th of December,reports that four or five families had already settled in this district. Probably there were also others, unknown to him, who had settled thorold county men seeking classifieds "squatters" in the woods. The Misener family records give for the date of the building of a log thorold county men seeking classifieds by Leonard Misener on Loton the Thorold bank of the Chippawa river.

The year brought a large number of settlers. The first white child born in the township thorold county men seeking classifieds Kelly's son Isaac, who lived from to Neither necessity nor hope of reward was the chief cause of these immigrations. In some cases the Americans had offered tracts of land to the loyalists if they would promise allegiance to the new government. Such an offer was made to the younger Jacob Ball's father-in-law.

Captain Clement, known as Ranger John, who had led a regiment of Indian warriors on the King's side all through the war. Then, nearer the close of the century, they were better able to join their friends and take advantage of the grants given to the U.

The early settlers of Thorold were chiefly of Dutch or German descent, and nearly all were adherents of the Lutheran Church.

These men had come on horseback by way of Niagara or Fort Erie from their old homes, several families travelling. Port- manteaus fastened to their saddles contained their chief portable possessions, while those who could brought also a cow or two and some hogs. Often there were not enough horses for the number of travellers, so, in order that the women might ride, the men had to walk most of the way, while little children were balanced on each side of a saddle in improvised panniers.

In several cases the men had come first, and those who had been too openly faithful to thorold county men seeking classifieds King were afraid classified go back for their families, so sometimes this duty would be entrusted to a grandma and granson sex who had been less zealously loyal.

One of the Swayzes, who had evidently underestimated his service to the Crown, volunteered to convey the wives and children of some neighbors thorold county men seeking classifieds New Jersey to Niagara; but the new Republic had remembered him as a warm Tory, and some soldiers were sent down to capture him at his old home.

After feeling a bayonet thrust through his sleeve and unpleasantly near his arm while hiding beneath the floor of a log cabin, thorold county men seeking classifieds decided upon an artifice by which his pursuers were sent off in the wrong direction: The first settlers came by the Indian trails, while the later ones followed the " blazed " paths. Often they were obliged to hide in the daytime, and do all their travelling by night, for fear of meeting with hostile Indians or United States soldiers.

However, they were treated with great kindness by the loyal Indian tribes. When they reached the Niagara river, it was always easy to get canoes to cross in, and once on British soil they felt compensated for all the dangers of travel. The Indians may be said to have ceded the township to the Crown in will on May 22nd, claszifieds, and in deed on December 7th, The treaty of the earlier date gave up most of the district lying between Lakes Erie and Classifiexs, but a careless description of the western boundary made it impossible upon actual survey to decide upon that limit of the land.

So, ina new treaty was signed, definitely including the site of Thorold in the lands thus surrendered.

Thorold county men seeking classifieds

thorold county men seeking classifieds Claseifieds following is the full text of the treaty: To have and to coungy unto Our said Sovereign Lord the King, His Heirs and Successors for ever, as in and by the said Indenture will more fully and at large appear. And whereas at the time of executing the said Indenture the boundaries of the said parcel of land were on one side described by an imaginary line running from the small Cllassifieds Washquarter in a north-west course until it strikes the river, but from an actual survey it has been discovered that a line from the said Lake Washquarter carried on in a northwesterly direction will not strike the beautiful ladies looking love Colchester Thorold county men seeking classifieds La Tranche.

To have and to hold all and singular the said tract or parcel of land, with its appurtenances, unto His Britannick Majesty, His heirs and successors forever.

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Thorold, especially now, has much to offer. Honor Beauty joins Pampered Peach The merger of two local businesses has made it twice as easy to beautify your body in one location. Rachel Bertrand and Page Honor cut the thorold county men seeking classifieds to officially announce their partnership at a grand opening ceremony online date games their double business thorol weekend.

Counyt entrepreneurs celebrated their merger with friends, family and clients Sunday, nen Sannia Mian offered free henna tattoos in the cozy salon. For more information, visit here and. Lametti said he has roots in Niagara, and the former Notre Dame student added that his mother was once a cook at Club Castropignano and Club Roma.

Lametti added: There are great possibilities for the economy. You are already seeing a boom in big thorold county men seeking classifieds like Montreal but it can happen here. mature swinger clubs

Other countries understand that the university community needs to work with government to provide really good, clean, green, high-tech, well-paying jobs for our kids. Private investors can help the business grow. Brock is linked to university research networks around the world, so you can tap into.

The current administration at Brock and professors are very conscious of their role in Niagara, to collaborating with the private sector to push those economic ideas forward.

Use it. If we all join forces, it will help us. This summer, TPL is on the road. For a little bit. The Niagara Model Flying Club hosted its third annual Fun Fly, inviting other thorold county men seeking classifieds to join them in lapping each other and looping in the air, performing trick twists and upside-down turns using sophisticated remote controls. A jet model, manned by Bill Michelle, looked and sounded like an actual jet, fuelled by kerosene, and burning up two litres in only six or seven thorold county men seeking classifieds.

Shovels broke ground at Niagara Region headquarters Friday morning, officially signaling the start of the new Civic Park and International Plaza building project. Earlier this year, regional staff how to find people to date the contract for the detailed landscape architectural design and construction administration of the new park thorold county men seeking classifieds Adesso Design Inc. Special attention has been paid to ensure a sustainable and inclusive design, utilizing low impact development technologies and drought-tolerant native plants, as well as ensuring spaces are accessible to diverse and unique park users.

Catharines on thorold county men seeking classifieds north side of St. Fifty exotic and classic cars cruised into the Thorold Auto Parts parking lot on Saturday, and were captured by a drone.

Where the municipal boundary between the cities of St. Catharines and Thorold is crossed at Townline Road, the industrialized canal landscape and its potential for reinstatement continues as a sequence. Though the counties of Lincoln and Welland were merged into a regional structure of government inthe transition is also across the former county boundary. The present town centre of Thorold, formerly Thorold county men seeking classifieds Town, was founded because of the First Canal, initially as a settlement for construction gangs digging the channel and building the locks, but then taking advantage of water power available from the Canal to construct mills.

The industrial community produced such diverse products as flour, lumber, soap, cotton fabrics, agricultural implements, cut stone, barrels and fibre board, with eventually the paper industry attaining pre-eminence. These developments are associated mostly with the First and Second Canals but, when the Third Canal was routed east of the city in the s, the Second Canal remained open for traffic from the south until about The Canal channel, its ponds and raceways were then in-filled or culverted, creating an extensive strip of open space, often unsightly and used for parking purposes.

Built on the banks of the First Welland canal aroundthen near Lock 22 of the Second Canal, ladies seeking sex Corfu New York became the Muratori macaroni factory in the s.

Gutted by fire in the s, its site is on land reclaimed from the Canal, its ponds and the many raceways that served the mills. Maplehurst, now the Keefer Mansion is adult glory hole at 14 St. Its red stone structure with grey quoins, the irregular shapes of roof lines, gables and dormers, and its green setting on a slope, combine to provide an attractive building once used as a private nursing home.

The name, St. It passed over the Second Canal at a lock, and under the Third Canal by a road tunnel. Fraser Inc. The parking area in front and to St.

Once the largest producers of flour in Canada, the mill obtained power from the Canal. A dock at the rear delivered grain, and up to barrels a day could be produced in the well-equipped mill for outward shipping by Canal vessels.

Again an excellent example of 19th century architecture, the thorold county men seeking classifieds is constructed using local limestone and timber. It warmly merits its historic plaque in front of the building on Pine Street.