We Detected Lasers Coming Out of Ant Nebula

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Hello and welcome to What Da Math!
In this video, we will talk about Ant Nebula

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Mike Levi says:

looks more like an hourglass nebula

LastFatmanStanding says:

one of my few subscribtions whome i watch every episode gg man 😀

Jamie Ivx says:

They are testing the Death Star!

MCtech says:

Uhhh… I think your intro glitched.

James Gordley says:

What's making the excited gas particles release radiation in coherent unidirectional beams, and not omnidirectionally just as diffuse light?

RichieRich says:

Thanks for yet another intriguing video Anton, keep doing what your doing because it keeps me coming back 🙂

0BaconHairNoob0 -roblox says:

First video I have ever seen with 0 dislikes wow

Tumoxa89 says:

Wow i never knew "laser" is an acronym

PTRS 41 says:

I read a report that says that 60 or so percent of earths water existed before the sun was made, is it possible that earth was a dark ice ball before the sun existed?

jean cary says:

You can tell he's from the future by how he has to carefully word the discoveries we haven't came up with yet. Thanks for not spoiling it, man!

TheRedRaven says:

So Deathstar confirmed?

TheRedstoneHive says:

I like your new intro!

Certified Ass Eater says:

Fucking lasers man.

Francis Gagné says:

Great content! Thank you!

Colonel Graff says:

Lasers from Anton Nebula?


10fantic says:

Star wars battle across the depth of space.

Brent Keller says:

Other laser was the homonculus nebula and eta carinae?


I don't Think there is any thing that is NATURAL……when talking about the UNIVERSE……? The Government is the RELIGIOUS WING of the Military….they are The Embodiment of a FALSE GOD……They Hide the TRUTH

Blaze says:

Why do you sound so down recently? I mean idk if I could sound depressed while talking about freaking SPACE LASERS

Tj Semeniuk says:

Looks more like a spider to me

Alexander Johnson says:

The nebula looks like lungs or beans

Lavell Tyson says:

Could this means that other nebulas produce lasers and if so, can they harm rogue planets climate?

tako says:

Sweet, a Brazilian and female astronomer/astrophysicist leading a study! That's not something you hear a lot in Latin America.


Intro sounds cool Anton, did you forget to put it in? o-o

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