Webb telescope Hubble replacement

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STARSNOVA Science &Astronomy
to learn more about the James Webb
telescope goto http://www.jwst.nasa.gov/


26mel1 says:

@starsnova Hi dear one , I'm on the same page with you on this !
We all can try , the choice is always ours 🙂 Those that chose the warring attitudes are doomed anyways , past civilizations prove those with ego-power have collapsed .
Regards . Peace & love .

STARSNOVA Science & Astronomy says:

@26mel1 I understand, I wish we would quit wasting are money on wars and strive to reach type 1 civilization status in my life time, or maybe type 2 before we destroy ourselfs
fat chance!

26mel1 says:

@starsnova yes to admire it & give thanks for all those amazing plantets , universes to the minute smallest conceivable particle , etc . I love science as it proves for me the concept of G-d . There are those men that are full of self false pride & corrupted views at Nasa & some of their 'contracting' companies that think they're the embodiments of some demi-god , & I object horrid weapons were developed & are used in space .My dear friend it wasn't directed at you . Peace 🙂

STARSNOVA Science & Astronomy says:

@26mel1 just want to see thru the eyes of god (Albert Enistein)

26mel1 says:

NASA don't hold you breath on that you want to "know 'everything' about the universe" , haha !

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