WR 104 Spiral Could Kill Life on Earth

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Mandy's Mashups says:

by then we have the technology to shield ourselves, even throwing something small in that direction thousands of years prior will mean it gets so far that it would shield whole diameter of the planet at least.

Viktor Kralovic says:

With such an end result should we like or dislike? 🙂 Anton, I hope there's still time for a couple videos from you.

Hazard pup says:

Anton few questions first off how large is a Gama ray burst what I mean is let’s say Jupiter is between us and this Gama ray burst wouldn’t that stop it two isn’t there a high probability it would hit other large objects like a rouge planet before hitting our solar system maybe diverting the gama Ray burst or just blocking it

Dean Ironrod says:

so basically we wont know where the gamma ray burst is going until it happens and it hopefully misses us so we can observe it (since its travelling at almost the speed of light, and we won't be able to see it before the light from this event reaches us)…

seapeddler says:

We need an overhead galactic view of this scenario.
Our solar system is orbiting the galactic nucleus at 500 000 mph.
Mr. Wolf-Rayet is 8000 ly's away.
This star will have to shoot a very precise beam to hit the earth.
And since the galactic arms aren't straight, the beam may weaken by encountering gravity waves/hitting other obstacles.
Millisecond pulsars (eclipsing binary ) have been supposedly built to convert galactic cosmic gamma rays into less harmful
synchrotron radiation. How can an object be so accurate in rotation to 17 digits right of decimal if not artificial ?
So, if Moses supposedly parted the Red Sea with the staff of Ra can you imagine how powerful an artificial pulsar would be ?
Physicist Paul LaViolette has a book about pulsars.
Maybe there is a God who can enter our microscopic matrix ( Who ) realm and do fancy stuff to protect us.
We have Deja Vu experiences possibly because our experiences are either unique, or events in the Universe record themselves and are repeated infinitely.
The Universe was programmed to do something.
A butterfly told me this.
If not, the butterfly should do hard time.

Foxxin says:

So Assuming it hasn't happened yet in the past couple thousand years, we still have at least 8k years till it's earliest possible interaction with us. Then again, it could have happened 7500 years ago and humanity has half a millennium left.

Ronald de Rooij says:

Anton, this is not a good video. If it wil hit us, the gamma ray will indeed damage the ozone layer by 50%. Not, as you mention a few times the whole atmosphere. The pressure is not high enough for that. It is radiation, not mass. The earth will recover the ozone layer within 100 years. We will have to be careful not to sunbathe and be inside the house more and we would have to grow more of our vegetables behind glass for a while, but that's it. No need to go "live in caves". Yes there would be trouble, you have to use sunblock going outside, and many more people will have skincancer and eye sight problems when they are old. That is serious, but hardly the end of mankind.

Micha Grill says:

Oh f*ck were looking direktly at the poles??!? Ok we have to either build space ship with kinda a startreck like shield blocking amd ferlecting these gamma rays and shield earth with thousands of these ships oooor… we might ALL die…

Liam Manning says:

Lets just hope this thing didn't explode 7999 years ago

Macronicus says:

Stars move around in space right? If so the sun will move away from the ray.

KamuiPan says:

Well, is not possible to construct a array of satellites to absorb the radiation at least in our planet? You would think that the technocrats thumbfuck's would want to do something about it, but nooo. That's not the type of thing that they are all for. Or the techno-plutocrats. I guess when you are against life, humans being against the planet is only natural.

Patricia Gyulay says:

Excellent video, thank you for sharing

Pyro Gaming Inc says:

So what I'm hearing in my perspective of watching this video is that we have 8,000 years after this thing goes super nova to prepare for it. 8,000 years is ample enough time to create some sort of solar shielding to guard against gamma ray bursts. And let's not forget he said anywhere between pretty much now and the next 100,000 years or so is when this event is predicted to happen. So at the very most we have around 108,000 years to prepare. If we still haven't created something to guard against something like this by then…. well…… we probably just don't deserve to continue as a species. 😂

Bill H says:

Cockroaches will survive.

Senshi Atsuki says:

I hope we will be ready in more than 8475 years

AL Can says:

I would’ve watched your video even if void of the click-bait title

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